The loss of computer data causes many problems. Lost time, due to the inability to access important documents and files, causes lost revenue in many cases. Additionally, because the data is inaccessible there is the possibility that the downtime could be lengthy and, therefore, future revenue streams would be lost.

However, it is possible that these lost files can be retrieved and restored to use. Logical drive recovery is accomplished using recovery software. For physical damage, however, a data recovery service performs the recovery procedure. At The Data Rescue Center, we specialize in server data recovery and HDD data recovery on both Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers. The Data Rescue Center provides several advantages that many other recovery companies do not.

Customer service is extremely important and we keep you involved and informed at every step of the recovery procedure. From the initial free estimate of the cost and feasibility of recovery to the final decisions concerning old equipment disposal, you are included.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best possible results. A Class 100 cleanroom provides a contaminant free atmosphere to prevent further damage to your hard drive and data. Hard drive crash recovery is an exacting business and we use the best equipment available for repair and recovery.

You can rest assured that your important, sensitive data is being protected while in the possession of The Data Rescue Center. Your equipment is stored in a UL listed Class 2 vault to prevent loss from theft and fire. An extensive, 24-hour security system keeps a vigilant eye on our facility to prevent security breaches.