As many people realize that the Internet is the new word of mouth, businesses are implementing all types of strategies to bring the relative freedom that people have to talk freely about a business under control.

Namely, the more unscrupulous businesses will actually pay writers to write reviews in a very organized fashion and place them on large review sites, giving a completely false image of the testimonials that they have received for their service. There are even websites created to look like software review websites, but they are actually owned and operated by one particular software company (or a paid affiliate). Of course, the reviews are skewed on those fake review sites to ONLY promote and grade the background company’s products..

With this Wild West - No Rules environment of the internet, there are only a few web sites that can be trusted, and most of them are smaller and only deal with the industry of its expertise (not to mention hard to find unless you are in the know). However, one web site has remained with integrity: The Better Business Bureau.

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