While the data from a logical drive failure can often be recovered with the drive still installed in the computer, a physical failure will require removal of the drive for recovery. The drive must be disassembled to make repairs before files can be restored. The disassembly and repair must be done in a special environment to prevent damage to the data. This cannot be safely done on the kitchen table at home, but instead must be done at a disk recovery service. Furthermore, the recovery service should adhere to a very stringent set of standards. For example, pollutants in the air can damage the delicate platters in a drive.

The Data Rescue Center uses and maintains a Class 100 cleanroom for hard drive recovery. A Class 100 rating means that the company has followed federal standards for air quality control. An ISO 5 rating is similar but means that the company has also met the criteria required for the International Standards Organization. The Data Rescue Center meets the requirements of both organizations.

Listed below are some of the characteristics of The Data Rescue Center cleanroom:

  • The cleanroom meets or exceeds the warranty protection standards for drive manufacturers.
  • Air is cleaned using ultra low particulate air filters, also called ULPA filters.
  • A Class 100 gowning antechamber keeps contaminants from being introduced into the environment when the data recovery expert enters to repair the drive.
  • Each cubic foot of air in the cleanroom contains less than 100 particles of contaminant that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers.