Many people take home movies of their family experiences. Music recitals, sporting events, birthday parties and family vacations are all great subjects for home movies. VHS tapes store many of these memories, letting us relive them over again and again. However, the VHS tapes do break and it probably will not be long before the machines used to view them will be gone, just like the old 8-track players.

Data storage continues to advance and old forms of media become outdated and eventually disappear. It is still possible, for example, for audiophiles to find a turntable which they can listen to their favorite vinyl records. Ask just about any young person, however, to describe what an old album is or how it was used and they might look at you as if you were joking with them or talking about some long-lost time from yesteryear.

Additionally, when trying to share the movie memories with other friends and family, the VHS tape owner might find that most people don’t have a VCR any more. Yes, VHS players are still available for now, but for how much longer?

The Data Rescue Center, a data recovery service in Livermore, California, can take those old videos and transfer them safely and securely onto DVDs that can be played in DVD players and most new computers. Their services include much more than just computer and laptop recovery. They do more than just search your computer for data recovery information to restore. The Data Rescue Center can help you preserve your family movie memories for generations to come.