Today I helped a customer who was trying to recover data for a friend. His friend’s

Using Data Rescue 3 to recover data from a non-booting Mac Book Pro

was no longer booting and their optical drive had stopped working recently as well so he would not be able to use the Data Rescue 3 boot DVD in this case. He was not sure what else he could do at this point but I told him he could either connect the drives in Target Disk mode or use an external hard drive with Mac OS X installed to boot the MacBook Pro.

He did not have a FireWire cable on hand to use for Target Disk Mode so he opted to install Mac OS X onto one of his external hard drives and then install Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software to that drive. Once he had completed the install of Mac OS X and Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software to his hard drive he was finally able to boot his friends MacBook Pro. He was able to scan the MacBook Pro’s hard drive and then recover all of his friends data to his external drive.