This didn’t appear to be a welcoming return from our short vacation but I thought maybe a quick re-boot would do the trick and we would be up and running.

The quick re-boot idea quickly melted away, we arrived back at the office where we discovered that, not one, but TWO of our hard drives had failed. Our Raid 5 redundancy was virtually worthless. Trying to keep panic at a minimum we immediately jumped online to check our online backup system which would enable us to restore everything from the clouds. It was then that our panic went into complete overdrive. The online backup system had failed primarily to due to operator error through the complex interface and failing to insure that complete backups were occurring weekly. Fifteen years of graphic design artwork, data files, over thirty three thousand orders, accounting files, and some great photos of my daughter playing with her puppy ten years ago… gone.

We now entered the five stages of psychological loss; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance… and that’s where The Data Rescue Center came in. I picked up the phone and contacted Gordon and his team. Gordon quickly gave us direction on what steps to take to help with a complete recovery and to minimize any data loss. After picking up the faulty drives, we were contacted by Erin who immediately helped us evaluate the drives, data and recovery process and walk us through the recovery process. Technician Brian then called informing us that they were In the process of extracting and reassembling all of the Raid 5 data. A few days later we received a phone call from Erin. The data had been rescued, 100%… completely rescued, not a single file lost.

And just like that our company was up and running again!

We can’t thank The Data Rescue Team enough for their great service, amazing work and professionalism.

Tim Smith & The Accurate Impressions Team.