Data loss has many causes. Some causes of failure are accidental, such as file deletion or physical damage from shaking or dropping a laptop. Other causes are difficult to avoid, such as overheating, exposure to moisture, or a crashed operating system. Regardless of the manner in which a hard drive fails, the result is the same: the data is gone or, at least, it appears to be.

Commercial software programs can sometimes recover data from failed hard drives, but those programs usually cost money and often aren’t successful at restoring lost files. Fortunately, there are data recovery experts available who can often salvage seemingly unrecoverable files, saving countless hours of lost work or years of memories for businesses and individuals.

When a client contacts a data recovery specialist for assistance with a data recovery request, he or she will normally be asked to mail the hard drive to a data recovery lab for analysis. Once the hard drive has arrived, data recovery experts will evaluate the condition of the drive to determine what method the data recovery specialists should take to attempt recovery.

If the disk is not physically damaged, there are several options for recovery. In the data recovery lab, a data recovery specialist will use specialized data recovery software to attempt to recover your lost files. In most cases, files that are missing due to file system damage can be restored using this specialized software.

If the data recovery expert is unable to use software to recover files, or if the hard drive is physically damaged, hardware-focused methods will be employed to attempt to locate salvagable data. Working in a clean room in the data recovery lab, the data recovery expert may need to replace the faulty hard drive parts, or he or she may use special imaging software to make a copy of the drive’s data in its current state. Once the data has been transferred to a working hard drive, it is usually possible to recover most, if not all, missing data.

When the data recovery experts have finished evaluating and attempting recovery, they will contact the client to notify him or her of the results. At that point, the client can decide which of the files he or she would like to recover, and the data recovery specialists will send the client a copy of all requested files. With little effort on the client’s part, the files have been recovered, and life or work can return to normal.

In an ideal world, all files would always be backed up to ward against possible disasters, but even those who are diligent about file backups may encounter situations in which data loss is unavoidable. Fortunately, when those disasters occur, data recovery specialists are available to help