A data recovery company may need to be contacted when data loss occurs. Data loss can occur for several reasons. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Mechanical damage of the drive caused by normal wear or mishandling
  • Electrical failure, often caused by voltage spikes or lightning strikes
  • Logical failure caused by computer viruses or improperly applied software or firmware updates

Since the correct diagnosis of these causes is vital to recovery, contacting a reputable disk recovery service is the safest route. There are a few companies that put the customer’s needs behind their own monetary goals. They insist on making money, even if the client’s data is not recovered. It may seem that profit is the primary goal, not customer satisfaction.

The primary concern is the recovery of the lost data at The Data Rescue Center. The customer is involved in every aspect of the recovery process, from preliminary diagnosis to the return of the recovered data. A free consultation over the phone to determine a course of action is first. If the drive is sent for recovery, it is evaluated and the customer is sent a free report of the damage and suggestions for recovery.

If the evaluation determines that NTFS file recovery is impossible, the technician will contact the client and offer to return the drive or safely dispose of it. Either option is at no charge to the customer. This “If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay” policy sets The Data Rescue Company apart from the competition.