When a data recovery service is mentioned, most people think of hard drive failure, data corruption and missing or deleted files. However, a recovery service, like The Data Rescue Center, can offer more than just data recovery. One of those services is data migration. So, what is data migration and why might it be needed?

Data migration is the process of moving data from one media to another. It may be moving from one hard drive to another, from one computer to a new one, or from one form of media to a different kind. For example, you might have family movies recorded on a VHS tape and want to transfer them to a DVD to protect them from loss due to aging or to be able to share them with family and friends.

Another reason for data migration is that some older technologies are no longer in use. If data was stored on floppies, Zip or Jaz drives or obsolete SCSI hard drives, new computers may not be able to access them anymore. Transferring these files often requires special equipment. While it might be possible for individuals to do this themselves, it would not be prudent to buy special equipment that is going to be used one time and then scrapped. Furthermore, the equipment available at retail stores is usually not professional quality and the results may not be acceptable.

An additional benefit of migration is having important data recovery information available in the event of a drive failure. Because portable computers are very susceptible to damage, the success of notebook data recovery is improved with migrated data.