Logical drive failure is caused by corruption of the file structure or by accidental file deletion. While physical drive failure requires the services of a data recovery company, logical damage can sometimes be handled by the computer user if certain precautions are taken.

If the owner is unsure of what type of damage has occurred, they should shut down the machine and contact a reputable data recovery service for assistance. The Data Rescue Center offers free consultation over the phone. A qualified recovery engineer will discuss the problem and give advice as to what should be done. Self-support with a software solution might be possible.

Logical failure can be caused for several reasons:

  • Accidental deletion of the file or files that cannot be found
  • Accidental deletion of critical system files
  • File corruption caused by improper shutdown of the machine or power loss
  • File corruption caused by program or software conflicts
  • File corruption caused by malware attacks, such as viruses or worms

Data recovery should be performed before any repairs to the system are attempted. Prosoft Engineering offers Data Rescue PC3 for Windows–based machines and Data Rescue 3 – for Macintosh as software solutions for emergency data recovery. The software CD or DVD can act as a boot disk and therefore it allows the user to recover files from the drive when the computer will not boot or mount the drive. The program can also be run as an application, allowing the user to recover lost files on a working operating system.