Lost data and files are sometimes the result of hard drive failure. While accidental deletion and human error can lose a few files, drive failure will result in massive data loss. There are two basic kinds of drive failures: Logical drive failure and physical drive failure. Logical drive failure is remedied without removing the drive from the machine and the end user often accomplishes file recovery through a software solution.

However, physical drive recovery is more complicated and should only be attempted by a disk recovery service. The Data Rescue Center is one such service. Data recovery will require hard drive removal and this must be done in a controlled environment. The delicate nature of internal drive components necessitates careful handling and a contaminant-free atmosphere. The expertise necessary is acquired through extensive training. The controlled environment needs a cleanroom with atmosphere controlling equipment. The equipment is expensive, both to acquire and to maintain; therefore, it is beyond the scope of most computer owners.

The data recovery expert will disassemble the drive to determine the cause of the drive failure. There are several reasons for physical hard drive failure.

  • Voltage spikes or surges will cause electrical damage to the drive to both the electrical and electronic components.
  • Overheating, often caused by fan failure, can damage the electronic components of the drive.
  • Both the mishandling of the computer and normal wear and tear through use will cause mechanical damage to components like the read/write heads. Clicking and grinding noises emanating from the drive indicate mechanical failure.