In an article on the site, published November 13, had some interesting and somewhat frightening news about data security in many organizations. The article mentioned a white paper being jointly released by some of our data recovery competitors discussing some important data security issues.

For example, the article stated that data recovery services are being used at least once a week by major corporations. Top-level executives are not aware of their use in many cases. These data recovery labs are not vetted for security issues in many instances.

In fact, the article stated that while corporations are spending an unprecedented amount of cast to keep their IT systems running and to secure their vital data, they are falling down in one crucial area: the handling and security of corrupted or lost data. Many companies have little or inadequate policies concerning the recovery process.

Data recovery providers are often only considered on the basis of data recovery prices, geographic locations and on how quickly they can get the recovery done. Little or no thought is given to the security of the data.

I want you to know that we take the security of your data seriously:

• Our recovery computers are never connected to the Internet while you data is being recovered, protecting it from outside attacks. • When not being repaired, your equipment is secured in a UL Listed, Class 2 vault. • We have extensive security protocols, including 24/7 camera surveillance and bio card readers. I want you to know that you can trust The Data Rescue Center with the security of your data while in our care.