It is never good when data loss occurs. It can be traumatic when a home user discovers that irreplaceable family photos are gone. When a business suffers from data loss, the results can have a financial impact on their operation. Fortunately the lost data can be recovered in most cases. A data recovery company can provide a solution by recovering the missing files. But care should be taken when choosing such a service.

Almost anyone can acquire data recovery software and start a recovery service. This might be adequate as long as the files have just been deleted. But even then, simple recovery be challenging and further damage could be done. In the event of physical damage to the hard drive, a qualified disk recovery service should be retained. When loss is caused by failed electronics, worn components, or physical damage, simple NTFS file recovery software will not be effective and could be harmful.

There are companies that advertise full service recovery, but they may outsource the damaged drives to a third-party company, providing only software solutions in-house. This should be investigated in advance because the customer must know who is handling his or her data. The more hands that access the data, the more likely it is that irreversible damage can occur. The Data Rescue Center has all the necessary tools, equipment, and training to handle every recovery need, both software and hardware recovery. A single technician is assigned to each repair which facilitates superior tracking and protection of the customer’s data.