Mac data recovery is a specialized form of data recovery that requires special tools, custom hardware, expensive software, and a trained professionals in order to successfully complete. These reasons all justify the premium that most Mac data recovery specialists charge, but many people also believe that the fact that Mac systems are premium computers also plays at least a small part in the premium pricing. Whether or not this is true is certainly up to debate, but it is difficult to argue with the fact that Mac data recovery does generally cost more than comparable PC repair regardless of whether or not the premiums involved with Mac ownership play a significant role.

Virtually all Mac systems every sold require special tools or tools that go above and beyond the Phillips-head screwdrivers that most PCs require. Some Macs require highly specialized tools that are generally made available only to repair shops that service Apple computers but are required to open cases or access internal enclosures such as the hard drive bin. In many cases the hard drive must be physically removed in order for Mac data recovery to be successful, so specialized tools are also part of the operating expense of any company offering data recovery for Mac systems.

Replacement parts for Mac systems are another issue that not many people understand until they actually work on a Mac system. Apple and other hardware vendors often arrange special deals for custom hardware from large manufacturers including those that make hard drives. As a result, any time that a hard drive needs to be opened and have its internal hardware components replaced may prove to be a challenge as it can be a real challenge to determine which components are shared with stock hard disk drives and which are Mac-specific options without a lot of research. The research must be done in order to ensure that further data loss is avoided, and finding replacement hardware can be a real challenge in and of itself. Either way, physically repairing a drive that shipped with a Mac system is generally an expensive affair.

The software required to handle the HFS/HFS+ and other file systems that Macs use is also specialized and thus expensive. Just like the tools of the trade, an investment made in expensive Mac-specific data recovery software usually account for a small part of the operating overhead of a Mac data recovery shop when spread out over several months or even years. Unlike hardware, data recovery software is often updated and thus is a constant strain on the budget of any data recovery operation that must be passed on to the customers in the form of higher bills. Macs are great systems, but when their hard drives go down it can be an expensive affair to get the data back. A data backup is a great idea, but many people think of this too late. By the time that a hard drive fails, it is time to see a Mac data recovery specialist.