The Data Rescue Center spends a lot of money on ensuring that customer drives are safe… Above and Below Grid cameras and motion sensors, limited-access areas, mag-card readers, finger-print readers, and our 1st in the industry Class 2 Vault… Yep, a vault…. No other computer recovery service has one that we know of…

The Class 2 Vault is a full size vault with storage shelves and two doors.. There is a business-hours door, which is used during the day, and then there is the 2-ton main vault door which is used after hours.

The vault is used to store all customer drives on the premises. Should our facility ever be compromised, your data will not be. We also have a full Halon Fire Suppression System in place, safeguarding the facility from fire-

The Data Rescue Center is located in Livermore, California, across from Lawrence Livermore National Labs. We do not send your drive overseas or to any other location for recovery (check with others, since some will indeed shop-your-drive around).. We do not-