Let’s start with a little of my background, just so you know who is answering the question. I have been around computers since the early 1980s. My first computer was a Texas Instrument TI99/4A, which was little more than a keyboard, black-and-white television and a cassette player.

Through the decades, computers became more complicated. From my old Windows 95 computer up to my present desktop and laptop computers running Windows 7, there have been many changes in both hardware and software. The computer sitting on my desktop now is more powerful than the early government computers that took up entire rooms, even floors of a building.

As a born tinkerer and computer geek, I have replaced just about every component in a computer. Mice, keyboards and monitors are easy. hard drives and optical drives, like CDs or DVDs, install without too much trouble. Installing a motherboard, processor, RAM or internal components takes a little more expertise. You, or someone you know, might be a geek, too. That teenager down the street might be your computer tech support person; and probably a good one, at that.

However, recovering deleted files from a damaged or failed hard drive is one task that should be left up to a data recovery expert. I won’t even touch that one. Repairing a drive and recovering the data requires an expert technician and specialized equipment to be done securely and successfully. Data recovery experts, like The Data Rescue Center, have the training and tools necessary for this task. My data is too important to leave recovery up to a geek like me. How about yours?