I discussed some computer maintenance chores in a recent post. Keeping your computer in top shape will help to reduce problems that can lead to data loss. This spring I would also like to recommend another extremely important task: setting up an effective backup routine.

Data backup is not something you do once a year. A backup routine is an ongoing process. However, it can be a set-and-forget type of plan. Once you’ve implemented it properly, the routine can virtually run itself. The routine protects your data in the background, a silent sentry guarding your valuable files from loss.

Even data recovery services will advise you that keeping and maintaining regular backup sets will increase the chances of a successful recovery. New drive technologies heighten the need for data protection. Even though solid-state drives are becoming cheaper and more reliable, SSD recovery is still costly because of the advanced equipment and techniques that are necessary.

The Data Rescue Center stands ready to assist you with our hard drive data recovery services. Our highly trained and qualified recovery engineers are some of the best in the world. Their knowledge, backed up by The Data Rescue Center’s state-of-the-art equipment, is your best chance for successful data recovery. Nevertheless, nothing takes the place of an effective backup plan.

I’d suggest that you check out Data Backup PC3 for Windows-based computers or Data Backup 3 for Mac machines. Both are designed and supported by our parent company, Prosoft Engineering. Prosoft is a recognized world leader in backup and recovery software, often working with government agencies around the globe.

Your business runs on your data. Protect both with an effective backup program.