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Choosing The Best Data Recovery Service

Mar 7, 2017

Who Do You Trust With Your Data?

Common Hard Drive Failure Scenarios

Dec 3, 2014

Hard drives have the tendency to stop working or eventually fail, so it is recommended that you have a reliable backup and the best way to do that is to use backup software and automate it.  Apple’s Time Machine is great, but if you are looking for something more customizable Data Backup 3 from Prosoft is an easy to use software solution.  

Recovering Files from an Encrypted Hard Drive

May 20, 2014

Your computer’s hard drive is spinning 5000 to 10,000 times a minute. It’s no surprise then that something small can go wrong and send your computer into a state that you can’t recover from.  What we tend to see at The Data Rescue Center is that these emergencies usually happen at what seems to be the worst possible time. You might be working on a presentation for work, your thesis is due or maybe you’re just really busy and the last thing you want to deal with is a major computer problem. When your computer crashes, it’s fairly quick and painful. All the files on your computer’s hard drive are potentially gone and you likely haven’t backed up in months, if not years. Remember, nowadays you keep everything on your computer: files from work, tax documents, music and gigabytes of family pictures and videos.

Crashed or Failing Hard Drive? Take These Steps Right Now!

Apr 23, 2014

Do you have a crashed or failing hard drive?  Is your drive clicking, grinding or screeching?  If you are experiencing any of these issues, then there are some critical steps that you need to take right now to make sure that the integrity of your data stays intact. At The Data Rescue Center, we’ve helped hundreds of people in your situation right now be able to recover their valuable data. Our data recovery engineers have put together these essential tips to make sure that you can have the best chance possible to get your data back, no matter how catastrophic the failure.

5 Tips for Setting up a Small Business Server Room

Nov 1, 2013

Many small business owners are reluctant to rely on a third-party service to store business data for various reasons – whether it is the cost involved or privacy concerns. The thought of setting up your own server room can be daunting; however this needn’t be the case. Here are our top tips for doing so without a glitch:

The Data Explosion

Oct 16, 2013

The Data Rescue Center is continually interacting with IT managers that are faced with all the issues that come with the explosion of data.   According to a recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group they are seeing annual growth rates from 11 percent to 30 percent.  They are faced with issues on how to store, protect and archive the vast amount of data they are responsible for.

Data Recovery Tips Part 1 – Understanding Hard Drive Failures

Apr 16, 2013

Today I’m going to start a four-part series on hard drive failure and data recovery. We’re going to look at:

No Backup and Needing a Data Recovery Service?

Feb 13, 2013

I’d like to speak to the entrepreneur and the freelance business person as well. It’s important that you understand the importance of the files on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Your entire livelihood is bundled up on those devices. Many freelancers keep lousy paper records. It’s easier to put all your faith in the digital records alone.  So many of us run our businesses and keep only digital records of everything.  In our personal lives we record and photograph every step of our children’s lives digitally.  It is great to not have to have file cabinets full of old paperwork or piles of photos lying around waiting to be put in albums.  It takes such a small amount of hard drive space to hold so much precious data and still being so accessible at any moment.  However, the biggest problem is most of us are not that great about diligently backup up that important data in case something were to fail.

Restoring lost data from your computer's hard drive.

Jan 17, 2013

Let me ask you a question. How important are the files on your computer?  What would happen if you suddenly lost them?

Data Recovery Tip – What to do with a wet hard drives

Dec 12, 2012

Natural disasters usually bring with them the potential for data loss through equipment damage. Storms, hurricanes and flooding bring with them massive amounts of water that can enter hard drive cases of both personal computers and business servers. Even smaller events like broken plumbing can potentially soak both computers and hard drives.

Ensuring the handling and security of your corrupted and lost data.

Dec 3, 2012

In an article on the site, published November 13, had some interesting and somewhat frightening news about data security in many organizations. The article mentioned a white paper being jointly released by some of our data recovery competitors discussing some important data security issues.

We just landed at SFO when a text message popped into my phone… “Server down, bad”.

Nov 27, 2012

This didn’t appear to be a welcoming return from our short vacation but I thought maybe a quick re-boot would do the trick and we would be up and running.

Emergency hard drive recovery help needed...ASAP!

Nov 8, 2012

Your business might have a set working schedule. Your operating hours, for instance, might run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., from Monday through Friday. Even so, some of your computers, servers and other backup systems may run throughout the night and are probably active 24/7.

Do-it-Yourself or Recovery Lab Options

Nov 6, 2012

A recent article on the Today Show’s website explained some of the options for recovering data from a dead or erased hard drives. Some of the article was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it did provide some good information. Our own DIY recovery software, Data Rescue 3 for Mac, was mentioned in the article.

Do I Need to Clone my Problem Hard Drive?

Nov 2, 2012

Today I worked with a customer that was having problems with an external hard drive and was wondering if Data Rescue 3 could help. The drive was no longer mounting on her desktop and she had not copied the files from the drive yet so I recommended that she try the demo first to see if she could scan the hard drive for files. She tried the Quick Scan first but it was not able to find files, so she reverted to running a Deep Scan.After she let the Deep Scan run she started getting errors for slow read access and Data Rescue 3 recommended that she stop the scan to clone her drive. These warnings indicate that her drive may have physical issues and in these cases we suggest copying the drive using Data Rescue 3’s clone before a potential hardware failure occurs.

Cloning a Mac RAID

Oct 3, 2012

Today I spoke with a customer who had a RAID enclosure with 2 drives in it with a virtual size of 6TB or actual size 3TB. One of the drives in this enclosure had gone bad. He decided to purchase a new drive and had the drive duplicated automatically by the RAID. This RAID was attached to his MacPro with a 1.5TB of data. He then realized that the enclosure was going to duplicate the data but also the 2nd drive was failing too. At this point he purchased another drive to install and recreate the RAID. He contacted us to recover his important data on these drives.

The Award-Winning Data Recovery Service Data Rescue Center, is a proud sponsor for the 2012 Planetfest.

Sep 28, 2012

We’re well known for our hard drive data recovery services here at The Data Rescue Center. We strive hard to recover our clients’ missing data, often collaborating with our parent company, Prosoft Engineering. In fact, we recently worked together, teaming up on a data catastrophe brought to us by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and The Planetary Society.

All of our clients’ hard drives are secured in a UL listed, Class 2 vault.

Aug 20, 2012

When you contract a data lab for hard drive recovery, you want to be sure that your data is safe and secure. We understand the importance of your data. Therefore, we have put massive security controls in place to protect your equipment. It all begins with our UL listed, Class-2 vault. We secure all media in this vault, from standard drives and SSD for harddrive recovery to digital media for flash drive recovery. Everything is protected in the vault.

Have a Good Data Recovery Service Provider in Place

Jun 11, 2012

It is easy to forget about potential data disasters when your computer is running properly. Most people never give any thought as to what they would do if their computers crashed. However, it is a good idea to have some type of recovery plan in place for such events. Many people are prepared when it comes to disasters that are not computer related. For example, most families and business will have a plan for weather emergencies, fires and other natural disasters. Emergency exit routes are laid out, evacuation stations are identified and nonperishable foods are stored for these emergencies.

Make Sure Your Data Recovery Process is Secure

May 29, 2012

If DIY data recovery is not an option to recovering your hard drive, you will have to send it to a data recovery service.  It is important to research the recovery lab before you send them your failed drive. You need to know if you can completely trust them with your data.

Make Sure Your Data Recovery Process is Secure – Part 1

May 25, 2012

I want to talk to the small- and midsized-business owner or operator about the importance of developing an efficient, secure data disaster plan. I’m specifically targeting this group for three basic reasons:

Finding a data recovery service with excellent customer service

Apr 5, 2012

I’m going to make a profound statement: Data recovery is not the same as, say, lawn mower servicing. Hard drive recovery is obviously more involved and is an extremely technical task. A hard drive recovery engineer cannot just get a repair manual and attempt recovery. Recovery engineers go through extensive training so that they perform safe, effective retrievals.

Scams and dirty tricks in the computer recovery industry

Mar 28, 2012

One of the worst things seen in the computer recovery industry is the outright scams and dirty tricks that are prevalent.

What to be wary of for hard drive recovery services:

Mar 23, 2012

Low-Cost / Maximum Cost Guarantees:  Any company that promises you a “Guaranteed” cost of $399 or $499 without ever seeing your drive. That will not get you physical recovery. When they claim that, they are hoping you send the hard drive in without trying a software solution yourself. If they get the job and the software solution works, they can charge you that amount. If the recovery does indeed require physical recovery work, they can try to re-quote you or send it back and say they weren’t able to recover it. You may want to check to see what their return shipping costs are, to make sure they aren’t trying to make money off of that as well. They might also contact you and say that “they” can’t get the data back for you (at that guaranteed low cost), but they can pass the drive onto a partner who can (no guaranteed cost). It’s the old bait-and-switch technique to be careful of.

Physical Hard Drive Failure

Mar 21, 2012

Physical hard drive failure occurs when one of the mechanisms inside of your hard drive breaks or fails. Realizing that your hard drive is spinning around inside at speeds of up to 10,000 rotations per minute (even faster in some top-speed drives), you can imagine that something might go wrong at some point in time, especially when they are trying to cut costs for producing these hard drives.  Once you’ve determined that your hard drive is suffering from a physical issue, you need to take time to find a computer recovery service that you can trust with your data. Employee background checks, secure storage of your hard drive, a certified cleanroom and technical expertise are all needed to protect you from harm and provide the best chance at recovering the data.

Computer Hard Drive Recovery: Tips, Tricks and Scams

Mar 9, 2012

Introduction: Your computer contains very important files on it. Work files, personal documents, tax receipts and other files that would be hard to recreate. You probably also have thousands of digital pictures spanning the past 10 years or so, as society has moved away from film and towards all digital content. Losing all the pictures of your children or family events from the past years can be devastating to even think of.

Security Issues with Cloud Computing

Feb 27, 2012

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. According to some folks, everyone needs to move their personal and business computing to the cloud. Apps hosted online run the gamut from email to office productivity. Computers are being developed that work almost entirely online. For example, the Google Chromebooks connect to the Internet the moment they boot up. Email, documents, spreadsheets and presentations are generated and stored immediately online. If you lose or damage your Chromebook, you simply get another one and keep on computing.

The Data Rescue Center, a company you can trust

Feb 13, 2012

Storage devices like hard drives, external drives, SSD drives and other flash media have become an integral part of our daily routines and lives. We rely on these drives to store our computer data for our family and work without hesitation. What happens when one of these devices fail and professional services are needed ? You can use applications like Data Rescue 3 an award-winning recovery software that does a great job for logical and minor physical issues with hard drives. However, when your hard drive completely fails and is not recognized by your Mac or PC, who will you trust your data with?

Do You Know Where Your Hard Drive is Tonight?

Jan 23, 2012

A recent news article about a New Jersey woman’s quest for simple data recovery drives home a simple point. It is imperative that the client’s equipment be handled safely and securely when dealing with data recovery.

Forensic Data Recovery

Dec 30, 2011

According to a December 9th article on the website, British Petroleum has accused contractor Halliburton of intentionally deleting structural test results that could shed light on the fatal oil well blowout of April 2010. The stability test results, shown in 3D modeling cement tests, could point to ignored potential failure. BP has requested that the computer used in the tests be released to a forensic data recovery company for analysis.

Cowboy Data Recovery

Nov 10, 2011

Here at The Data Rescue Center, we take data recovery seriously. We can recover data from logically and physically failed drives. A logical failure is often caused by operating system corruption. This can be solved by a software-based solution. Even so, the correct steps must be taken in the proper sequence to ensure success.

Attire for Entering a Class 100 Cleanroom

Nov 3, 2011

Watch the video to see the proper attire for a Class 100 Cleanroom

Need a Data Recovery Service?

Sep 28, 2011

The amount of data stored on computers, servers and other forms of magnetic media is staggering. Even though technological advances in magnetic storage have increased their reliability, much data is still lost every day. The leading cause of data loss is hardware or system failure.

Oops...I Dropped My Laptop!

Sep 26, 2011

Laptop computers are becoming more popular these days. The smaller size and portability makes them the perfect computer for many families. When coupled with a wireless network, the laptop can be moved from the kitchen table to the living room couch very easily. This author even uses his laptop to work on writing assignments in the side yard, using the old picnic table for a desk in this outdoor office.

The Data Rescue Center's BBB Rating

Sep 22, 2011

As many people realize that the Internet is the new word of mouth, businesses are implementing all types of strategies to bring the relative freedom that people have to talk freely about a business under control.

Why Use a Data Recovery Expert?

Sep 14, 2011

Let’s start with a little of my background, just so you know who is answering the question. I have been around computers since the early 1980s. My first computer was a Texas Instrument TI99/4A, which was little more than a keyboard, black-and-white television and a cassette player.

Hurricane Drive Recovery

Sep 13, 2011

The Data Rescue Center is starting to get hard drives that were damaged during the recent Hurricane Irene that battled the east coast of the United States. Hard drives that have been damaged during a hurricane can have a number of problems, starting with the obvious water damage (encased in mud many times) as well as shock to the drive. Hard drives contain some delicate parts (headstack, etc) that don’t usually do well in hurricane conditions but there is still the possibility of recovering data from these drives.

Data Recovery for Hurricane Irene Victims

Sep 9, 2011

The world is a digital community. As a responsible citizen of that community, The Data Rescue Center is offering a $500 discount for victims of Hurricane Irene. Power surges, flooding and mudslides caused damage to an unknown number of hard drives. These drives contain irreplaceable digital photos, critical business documents and financial records, business and personal address books, vital security data and passwords. Without proper data recovery procedures, these important files could be lost forever. We want to help you recover your valuable data.

The Data Recovery Process

Aug 30, 2011

What do you do when your hard drive has crashed or your data has become inaccessible? The first step is to contact a reputable data recovery service like The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, California. You can email them or call their toll-free number, 877-501-4949. A qualified technician will discuss your case with you and suggest a plan of action to recover your data.

Recovering Deleted files on a Mac using Data Rescue 3

Aug 15, 2011

Do you need to recover files that have been deleted? Data Rescue 3 is the best digital data recovery software on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive or that have been previously deleted. Data Rescue 3 is completely safe to use since it does not attempt any risky repairs to the drive it is scanning.

What to Think About When Choosing a Data Recovery Service

Jul 8, 2011

Maybe you dropped your laptop, or for some reason your hard drive just stopped working. It is tough to think about where you will send your drive in the moment you have lost all of your precious computer files. The important thing to do is keep calm and take the time to learn what goes in to a good, trustworthy data recovery service which you can send your hard drive to.

The Data Rescue Center Advantage

Jun 13, 2011

The loss of computer data causes many problems. Lost time, due to the inability to access important documents and files, causes lost revenue in many cases. Additionally, because the data is inaccessible there is the possibility that the downtime could be lengthy and, therefore, future revenue streams would be lost.

Disaster Recovery Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses

Jun 3, 2011

When you’re dealing with computers, eventually something will break down. Whether due to mechanical failures or by malice from an outside source, loss of computer functionality can be damaging to a business and data loss could be catastrophic. There are ways for every business to protect their information, and even recover it in many cases.

Best of The Bay Film Crew

Jun 3, 2011

Today was a fun day here at The Data Rescue Center. We were visited by the film crew from “Best of The Bay” which airs on KRON in the San Francisco Bay Area.

New Facility Update

Jun 2, 2011

Always striving to give their customers the best service possible, The Data Rescue Center recently opened up their new, state-of-the-art data recovery service facility in Livermore, California. The building was purchased in June of 2010 and opened for business in late January of 2011. The facility was completely renovated and both The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft Engineering, their parent company, moved their bases of operations to the location.

Why should I care about how secure a hard drive recovery company is?

May 25, 2011

The Data Rescue Center spends a lot of money on ensuring that customer drives are safe… Above and Below Grid cameras and motion sensors, limited-access areas, mag-card readers, finger-print readers, and our 1st in the industry Class 2 Vault… Yep, a vault…. No other computer recovery service has one that we know of…

Hard Drive Recovery at the Mall?

May 20, 2011

Well, we don’t do actual hard drive recovery at the Stoneridge Mall (in Pleasanton, CA), but the extra mall location does provide customers with a convenient drop off and pick up location if they are local to the area… We also have pickup and delivery vehicles too, which can come to you in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Can't I just have my IT friend try to recover my drive, what harm would that be?"

May 20, 2011

A lot of times when someone has a computer hard drive that’s crashed, they’ll look at many options to get their data back. That’s good and bad, since a well-intentioned friend or family member can actually cause more harm in their attempt to help you recover deleted files or files from a crashed or broken hard drive. Here’s some simple guidelines to live by:

Migrating Data on Old Storage Devices

Apr 6, 2011

You probably have seen many different technologies come and go if you have been around computers for very long. You might remember the floppy disk in 3.5, 5.25 or even the 8-inch formats. These magnetic storage media were very popular and were a mainstay of computer construction for a long time. Most new computers, however, do not even have a floppy disk drive installed. The popular high-density 3.5-inch disk held 1.44 megabytes of information when formatted. The LS-120 super floppy that eventually followed could handle 120 megabytes of data. A computer user might remember popping in multiple diskettes when installing large programs, such as operating systems.

What is Data Migration?

Mar 23, 2011

When a data recovery service is mentioned, most people think of hard drive failure, data corruption and missing or deleted files. However, a recovery service, like The Data Rescue Center, can offer more than just data recovery. One of those services is data migration. So, what is data migration and why might it be needed?

How to Know When It's Time For a Pro

Mar 21, 2011

Many computer users enjoy making repairs and upgrades on their personal machines. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a successful do-it-yourself project. There is an abundance of information on the Internet and in bookstores to guide the user on his or her quest for computer repair mastery. Some repairs and upgrades are relatively simple. Installing peripheral components such as mice, keyboards, monitors and printers is easy to do, even for the novice.

What is Physical Drive Failure Recovery?

Mar 11, 2011

Lost data and files are sometimes the result of hard drive failure. While accidental deletion and human error can lose a few files, drive failure will result in massive data loss. There are two basic kinds of drive failures: Logical drive failure and physical drive failure. Logical drive failure is remedied without removing the drive from the machine and the end user often accomplishes file recovery through a software solution.

Choose a BBB Accredited Recovery Service

Mar 2, 2011

The data stored on personal computers and data servers is invaluable to the business owner or operator. Losing that data is disruptive to business operations and will be financially devastating. Because data loss happens under a variety of circumstances, the business owner should have safeguards and policies in place to protect valuable data. Data can be re-created in some cases, but the process can be time consuming and costly. In other cases, data will be lost completely unless the drive it is stored on can be recovered.

What is Your Emergency Data Recovery Plan?

Feb 22, 2011

Most companies have a disaster plan for emergencies. Exit routes are posted on the walls in various locations throughout the facility. Fire extinguishers are marked for good visibility and located for expedient use. Near many telephones is a list of emergency phone numbers for local fire, rescue, medical, and police departments. Large facilities conduct regular evacuation drills to ensure that employees know exactly what to do in emergencies.

Up front FREE evaluation

Feb 14, 2011

Computer prices have come down over the years. Not too long ago, a simple desktop computer with a CRT monitor could cost well over $2,000. That particular computer (this author’s first) had a 2-gigabyte hard drive, 64 megabytes of random access memory, a CD-ROM player, and a floppy disk drive.

Demand Quality Customer Service

Feb 10, 2011

We live in an increasingly digital world. Some form of electronic, digital device is a part of all that we do. We communicate from anywhere to anyone we desire with our cell phones. Digital storage has replaced stacks of paper. Even the storage media has evolved as small capacity floppy disks have been replaced by CD-ROMs, external hard drives, and network servers.

Get a Free Estimate For Data Recovery Services

Feb 4, 2011

No intelligent consumer will buy a product or contract a service without getting some idea of what the cost will be. It just does not make sense. When some sort of repair service is required, it is a good decision to get a preliminary quote before authorizing any work. After all, what is the benefit if the repair cost is greater than the cost of replacement?

What Happens If My Data Can't Be Recovered?

Jan 26, 2011

A data recovery company may need to be contacted when data loss occurs. Data loss can occur for several reasons. Some of the possibilities include:

Who has your data?

Jan 12, 2011

It is never good when data loss occurs. It can be traumatic when a home user discovers that irreplaceable family photos are gone. When a business suffers from data loss, the results can have a financial impact on their operation. Fortunately the lost data can be recovered in most cases. A data recovery company can provide a solution by recovering the missing files. But care should be taken when choosing such a service.

Causes for Hard Drive Failures

Nov 29, 2010

At some point in time everyone will have to rely on data recovery information services to retrieve data they have lost during a hard drive crash. This is because all hard drives have a finite life-span. What this means is that no matter how well a person takes care of his hard drive, it is eventually going to fail and the services of a hard drive crash recovery company is going to have to be utilized.

How to Choose a Good Data Recovery Service

Oct 25, 2010

With the advent of electronic products needing maintenance and back-up, the chances of losing data have become more prevalent. Exploring options when choosing a method of data recovery is an important step in making sure NTFS file recovery is possible on a PC. Ensuring a Mac data recovery plan is ready for any Apple computers is also a good idea.

What do you know about data recovery services

Oct 21, 2010

Data is an important and integral aspect of any business’s long-term strategy. Issues such as information life cycle management, e-discovery and enterprise content management systems hinge on one common denominator: data. Data storage and management is essential for business continuity and litigation matters.

I dropped my laptop

Oct 21, 2010

If a notebook computer gets dropped, stay calm. There may not be anything wrong with it. Most laptops are built to standards that will allow for a few drops without flying to pieces. The problem, however, is that if something is wrong, it may not be apparent before it’s too late. A laptop that’s been dropped may be showing warning signs of a pending crash. One doesn’t have to be a data recovery expert to know how devastating that could be. Crucial data could be lost forever, particularly if the data hasn’t been sufficiently backed up. Notebook data recovery isn’t magic, and there is no such thing as a guaranteed solution. There are some accidents and damage that will destroy your data forever. A hard drive getting ready ot crash may make unusual grinding, clicking, or scratching noises. It may also take longer to boot. Then again, it may show no changes in performance, but eventually crash anyway. A laptop that is showing any warning signs at all should at least be backed up on another hard drive. Running the computer too much may damage the hard drive, perhaps beyond any hope of recovering the data.

Emergency Data Recovery

Oct 4, 2010

As everything in life, data storage hardware is not perfect; it does fail. Hard drives crash and take valuable data with them. Without a backup, it can be difficult to recover important information. There are services that specialize in emergency data recovery, which will gain access to otherwise irrecoverable and irreplaceable information after a hard drive crash.

What can be done about a failed hard drive?

Sep 29, 2010

Data loss has many causes. Some causes of failure are accidental, such as file deletion or physical damage from shaking or dropping a laptop. Other causes are difficult to avoid, such as overheating, exposure to moisture, or a crashed operating system. Regardless of the manner in which a hard drive fails, the result is the same: the data is gone or, at least, it appears to be.

Lost Data

Sep 24, 2010

The ability to access and utilize data is the most important part element of the relationship between PC users and their computers. People may assume that the most important elements are hardware or software. Others may their focus on brand names. None of this is more important data.

Hire a Data Recovery Specialist to Find the Missing Data

Sep 22, 2010

It can be a very frightening experience to lose some or all of the data on a notebook, but it is something that can happen to just about anyone. Sometimes data is accidentally erased by the person who owns the notebook, or by someone who happens to use the notebook from time to time. If a computer virus is severe enough, it can also cause quite a bit of laptop data loss. No matter what the cause of the data loss was, it is important that the data is recovered. Most people are out of luck when it comes to being able to recover the data by themselves. That’s why they usually must call a data recovery specialist. Yes, a data recovery specialist is usually able to successfully recover some or all of the data that was lost.

Why mac data recovery is worth every penny

Sep 17, 2010

Mac data recovery is a specialized form of data recovery that requires special tools, custom hardware, expensive software, and a trained professionals in order to successfully complete. These reasons all justify the premium that most Mac data recovery specialists charge, but many people also believe that the fact that Mac systems are premium computers also plays at least a small part in the premium pricing. Whether or not this is true is certainly up to debate, but it is difficult to argue with the fact that Mac data recovery does generally cost more than comparable PC repair regardless of whether or not the premiums involved with Mac ownership play a significant role.

How Hard Disk Data Recovery Services Help You Deal with Data Loss

Sep 16, 2010

When you experience data loss, what exactly is it that a hard disk data recovery service does in order to recover it? The short answer is that this will depend on how the data was lost. This answer is not very revealing, however, so here is some information on the subject of hard drive data recovery services.

Rescuing deleted files

Sep 15, 2010

NTFS file recovery is possible, even after files have been deleted, because the hard drives of modern computers use magnetic tracks. Those tracks represent the file on the drive, and often enough when files are deleted the corresponding tracks are not erased, merely marked as “deleted”. Disk file recovery aims to uncover those markings and scoop up the tracks attached to them. They are then remarked as not deleted.

Ways To Decrease The Cost of Laptop Data Recovery

Sep 14, 2010

The laptop hard drive data recovery process is very difficult, and unfortunately it can also be very expensive for both private computer users and companies. The companies that are able to offer notebook data recovery regularly charge over $1,000 per case. This is because a number of special tools are needed for notebook hard drive recovery, including a class 100 clean room, firmware repair equipment, and hundreds of other tools.

Data Loss on Your Mac

Sep 14, 2010

When Mac hardware fails, not all is lost. Theres’s actually an excellent chance that a professional can recover the data using HDD recovery techniques. However, you must act quickly and appropriately. It’s important to note that mac data recovery is different from PC recovery, and it presents its own set of unique challenges. You don’t simply want a data recovery specialist. You want someone who specializes in mac data recovery.

What is data loss?

Sep 3, 2010

Your data is important. Losing it, whether it is a million row database or just your music collection, sucks. Fortunately there are companies that specialize in getting data from corrupted and broken hard drives, thumb drives and other file storage techniques.

What to do in case of a drive emergency

Jun 8, 2010

In the event of problems with a hard drive, you are always flirting with data loss. Here are a few simple rules to determine what your next step should be: