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Data Recovery Service for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 2, 2012

Once again we have witnessed the awesome power of nature and our own frailties. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of the victims of Hurricane Sandra and mega-storm Sandy. If you’ve watched any of the news reports, you’ve seen the destruction and chaos these storms bring with them.

How to find and recover files using DIY data recovery software.

Oct 22, 2012

Today I spoke with a customer who had a problem with his software raid drives in his Mac Pro. He had come across our software, Data Rescue 3 for Mac. He had used this software but was unsure how to run the scan as these drives were setup as a software raid in his OS. We worked with him in running this scan .

Using Data Rescue 3 on an External Boot Drive

Oct 12, 2012

Today I helped a customer who was trying to recover data for a friend. His friend’s

Recovering Files with Data Rescue 3 for Mac

Oct 8, 2012

We hope we never need to perform hard drive data recovery; unfortunately, it does happen. While there are many recovery programs on the market, many are not very successful. Some of these programs can be outright dangerous to use. Let me explain.

A great laptop recovery story

Dec 1, 2011

This is a great data recovery success story. In this scenario, a customer was in a hurry carrying his laptop to the car and placed the laptop on top of their car momentarily. While in a rush, he hopped in the car forgetting he left the laptop outside on the roof of his car. The laptop fell off the roof of the car while he was driving and got ran over at least once after falling. The screen was completely torn off of the laptop and the body had several dents on the backside of the casing.

New Version of Data Rescue PC3 Released

Aug 8, 2011

The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, California, is a data recovery service that specializes in Windows and Mac computer hard drive data recovery. From personal computers to server disk file recovery, The Data Rescue Center has the necessary equipment and fully trained personnel to recover your data quickly, safely and securely.

What is Logical Drive Failure Recovery?

Mar 3, 2011

Logical drive failure is caused by corruption of the file structure or by accidental file deletion. While physical drive failure requires the services of a data recovery company, logical damage can sometimes be handled by the computer user if certain precautions are taken.

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

Jan 24, 2011

There is no quick answer as to how long it will take to recover files after a data loss. There are several factors involved that will impact the recovery time. The reason for the data loss is an important factor.