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AppleCare: Is it Worth the Price?

Dec 11, 2012

Extended warranties provoke strong reactions in people, not unlike politics, religion and the correct way to squeeze a tube of toothpaste. For every person with a story about how an extended warranty saved them money, there’s another who insists that extended warranties are a complete scam.

Data Recovery Scion and Hummer in Tri-Valley

Aug 16, 2012

If you’ve been on the freeway or roads in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin or San Ramon, chances are that you’ve seen our computer recovery Scion or Hummer. The computer recovery Scion is used primarily for local pick up and delivery to customers and partners. Great on gas and low on maintenance, the computer recovery Scion can be seen scooting around town 7 days a week in the east bay. The larger, and much more noticeable computer recovery Hummer has a much different job here at the Data Rescue Center.. The Hummer is mainly parked at city events like Pleasanton’s First Wednesday street fairs, Livermore’s Farmer’s Market and other gatherings. Not driven very much, the Hummer can usually be seen displayed at our Greenville Road headquarters, giving visitors a great beacon to spot on their way to out building near Lawrence Livermore Labs.  If you are in need of data recovery services give a call to learn more about what we offer.

Common Data Recovery Myths

Jul 18, 2012

IDC’s recent Digital Universe study determined that data doubles every year across the world. In fact, data will reach 1.8 trillion gigabytes this year. With this constant increase in data, the risk of data loss also increases. Studies show that one in every 1,000 computers will suffer data loss. We certainly see our share here in our hard drive recovery lab.

BYOD to Work

Feb 22, 2012

BYOD is an acronym that stands for Bring Your Own Device. Many workplaces allow employees to bring their own data devices to work and connect to the company’s network. Allegedly, this increases productivity and keeps equipment costs down as well. Unfortunately, unless certain precautions and security measures are employed, BYOD could just as well stand for Bring Your Own Destruction.

Check Our Our Reviews on

Jul 21, 2011

We take your data seriously at The Data Rescue Center. We know that your data is important to you, whether it is personal photos and documents or business data files. We also understand that it can be a frustrating experience when your data goes missing. We built our hard drive data recovery services with the intent that getting your data back should be a good experience, not an aggravation.

Upgrading your operating system

Jul 6, 2011

If you decide to upgrade or change your operating system it is important to know that when you make the switch your data will not be automatically saved. It is highly recommended to back up your computer to a secondary hard drive, so you don’t risk the chance of loosing your irreplaceable data.

Turning Your VHS Family Movies Into DVDs

Apr 1, 2011

Many people take home movies of their family experiences. Music recitals, sporting events, birthday parties and family vacations are all great subjects for home movies. VHS tapes store many of these memories, letting us relive them over again and again. However, the VHS tapes do break and it probably will not be long before the machines used to view them will be gone, just like the old 8-track players.

Data Storage Technology Trends

May 7, 2010

We’re nearly half way through 2010 (I know, scary, isn’t it?), and it is time to review where technology is heading in the storage arena. Of course, the general trends that are always there continue: storage capacity on hard drives keeps growing, and prices keep falling. It is now possible to buy a 750GB hard drive for your notebook. Wow! Also, 2TB hard drives are slowly but surely approaching the $100 mark, another milestone!

Snow Leopard and file system utilities

Mar 8, 2010

If you recently got a new Mac with Snow Leopard pre-installed or if you are thinking about upgrading (or already did) to Snow Leopard, be aware that Apple made some significant extensions to its HFS file system. As such any disk or data utility you are using should be updated and fully compliant with Snow Leopard, in order to prevent data loss.