Choosing a data recovery service to trust your data with can be a daunting task, especially for people that are not up to date with ‘today’s technology.’ Our ever-evolving tech industry is difficult to keep tabs on, especially when it comes to data storage. Here are some important questions to ask your potential data recovery service provider.

 1.)  What’s your background in data recovery?

As with any particular service, with data recovery it’s important to know what your ‘expert’ or ‘data recovery’ company has done in the past. It’s a good idea to ask about whom their typical clients are, and how many clients they have served in the past. It’s also a good idea to determine if this expert or company has a physical address. A good way to verify if they have an address is to search their name or business on Yelp.

 2.)  What is your data recovery process?

When inquiring about the data recovery process you want to make sure you use a facility that offers a Free Diagnosis and Quote, as well as has a No Data No Charge policy. Learning their recovery process will ensure that you don’t end up eating the bill to get nothing in return. Any first class recovery center will offer both of these services as they know some situations cannot be recovered from and asking for the money upfront with a guarantee of a recovery is not always possible.

 3.)  Where is my hard drive stored and will it leave your facility?

Many recovery companies claim to have recovery centers all around the world when, in fact, they just have a lot of drop off locations and just have a single clean room lab that everything will be routed to. You will also want to ensure that the company you entrust with your data is storing it securely to avoid the risk of data theft. Companies such as The Data Rescue Center keep customers drives in a UL Listed Class 2 Vault.

4.)  How do you diagnose hard drive issues?

An excellent way to determine the ability of your ‘expert’ is to ask about their recovery process. What will they do to determine your hardware’s specific issues? When they respond, listen for key words such as “S.M.A.R.T. Failures” or “Head Failure” as these terms mean that the hard drive in your computer has a physical issue. Usually, physically repairing hard disks is a relatively complicated process and can result in an expensive service call. Some companies offer free quoting and a non-commitment policy. These companies are often more established in the industry and can provide higher end service.

5.)  Do you have a clean (dust-free) environment to open a hard drive if that is required?

For a hard disk to function properly there needs to be a complete absence of dust or other debris within the hard disk. Even the slightest amount of debris can cause malfunction and can potentially result in data loss. That’s why when performing a data recovery it is essential to have a clean environment. A great question to ask your service provider is if they have a clean room. Most established companies do, and if so they will often use the keyword “ISO 5 Cleanroom”.