The loss of important data can be a disaster. Whether it be financial or business documents, or family photos, when you can’t access your files it can be devastating. However, data recovery companies specialize in this problem. An online search will present you with a huge list of these companies, so what are some of the criteria should be used when choosing a recovery service?

It’s your data; therefore, one of the first priorities should be the quality of customer service and involvement offered by the data recovery company. Some things to look for are:

· Technicians that can intelligently discuss your situation and offer possible solutions before anything is done. The qualified technician can advise you as to whether a software solution is possible or if a physical repair is needed, and be able to perform either type.

· Upon receiving your failed equipment, the company should make a detailed analysis of your situation, then generate and send you a report of what needs to be done.

· A free quote of the repairs required is essential for excellent customer support.

· The company should keep in contact at each step of the process, keeping you involved and informed. They will let you know if any unforeseen circumstances appear and get your input before proceeding.

· A top quality data recovery service will keep a temporary backup of your data should you have problems with the returned files.

· A quality service will be able to provide documentation of their technical qualifications and equipment.