A lot of times people will ask me, “What does it mean when someone tells me that my hard drive crashed, or my hard drive is dead?”– We hear that phrase all the time and to be honest I’ve seen it used for a few different scenarios:

A true hard drive crash is when your hard drive physically stops working.. As you may know, your hard drive is spinning around at 5400RPM or faster in most cases. Imagine a record player spinning, but instead of spinning 45 times or 78 times around in a minute, it’s going around at 5,400 times or 7,200 times a minute.. That’s fast, right? That’s what your hard drive is doing.. It’s spinning that fast and is being read at a blistering rate.. With your hard drive spinning so fast, it’s no surprise that they fail at some point.. How soon will a new drive fail? it’s impossible to tell- We get brand new drives that have failed and we see 7 year old drives that have been running fine too. But when your hard drive crashes, it doesn’t matter how old the drive is, you just want to get the data back..

What to do when faced with a crashed hard drive

So a Crashed Hard Drive is a term used loosely to describe a hard drive that isn’t working any more.. When people use this term they could be describing a scenario where the mechanical parts are no longer working correctly. This is also described as a physical issue or physical hard drive crash.. In these cases, a technician will likely need to open the hard drive up in a Class 100 cleanroom to do a repair to the inside of the hard drive to get it back into a working state, after which the data can be safely copied over to another drive. The Data Rescue Center is the leading recovery service for crashed hard drive recovery.