Data Backup Software

The most effective way to avoid data loss is to maintain backups of your important files using a backup utility. Data Backup 3, from Prosoft Engineering, is a powerful and easy to use backup software solution that can backup, restore, and synchronize important files with minimal effort. New computer users to experienced professionals can use Data Backup 3 since it provides the power and flexibility to help protect files and prevent data loss.

What can Data Backup 3 do that Apple's Time Machine cannot?

Time Machine is a good option for performing basic backup procedures on a Mac. It is, however, more limited and cannot perform these operations that are possible with Data Backup 3:

  • Backup to multiple volumes
  • Create bootable clones
  • Backup to CD/DVD
  • Backup to network devices
  • Let you create a specific custom schedule for backups

Types of Backups Done by Data Backup 3

  • Simple Copy: Backup the latest version of files
  • Clone: Create a bootable clone of your drive
  • Versioned: Backup the latest version of your files, and store the older versions
  • Synchronize: Maintain the same files on two drives, and if a file is removed/added on one drive it is removed/added on the other

By having a backup properly setup, you will be able to access this copy of your data when you are not able to access your main drive. The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft Engineering, Inc. highly recommends that everyone has a backup in place. This will reduce the risk of losing your data when suffering from a data loss disaster.

To download and try the software for free, please visit Prosoft Engineering, Inc.