About 15 years ago, I created a data recovery and protection plan.  It has now been over 15 years since I lost any of my critical files. That’s not to say that my computers haven’t been subject to data loss.  I’ve set up a robust and easy to use data protection/recovery plan that’s been very effective.

Over the years I’ve tweaked the data recovery plan as new options and technologies became available. My system of data protection is quite different than it was over a decade ago. Even so, some of the foundation principles are still there. They’ve just been enhanced.  I also know the importance of having a trusted professional data recovery service that is just a phone call away.

I can't afford data loss . . . can you?

I’m a marketing professional and also parent.  My business existence depends on my work documents.   My cherished and beloved moments with my family are all captured digitally and stored on my hard drive.  I really can’t afford to lose any of my personal or professional data.

It is so nice and easy to manage a clean, organized and close to paperless office/home. Reams of paper documents containing research and ideas are now stored digitally.  Piles of developed pictures that just end up in boxes are now organized neatly in folders and events on my computer.  Replacing them would be a nightmare.

Failing at a Backup Plan

As many articles that have been written about backing up your files and creating a recovery plan, you would think people would learn.  Research has discovered that a huge majority of small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have an effective data protection and recovery plan in place. Many don’t have a plan at all.  Honestly, there isn’t any excuse for not backing up important files.  Not only are there excellent data backup programs available, but most operating systems include backup capability. While they’re usually pretty basic, these OS-based backup are not hard to use.

Easy Backup Options

The arrival of online storage companies gave us another avenue for data protection. Data can now be stored and even shared online. An always-on, high speed Internet connection makes this form of protection almost seamless.

Some call it overkill, but it works

A multi-step process works for me. It always has. This data protection plan has three main elements for file backup:

• I use a data backup plan that stores data on a local, external hard drive. This program runs every night. An initial, complete backup is made first, then each subsequent time it backups up modified or new files. After a week, the process begins again. A system image is also created that permits quick recovery from OS corruption. • During the day, when I’m working, my files are backed up to an online server. This happens every 15 minutes. Like I said, I can’t afford to lose my files. • The third part of the plan involves data synchronization. I do most of my work on a desktop machine. However, I do use a laptop when on the road. After the online backup is done, the program synchronizes the files on both computers. Since identical files are available, I just need to swivel my chair to the laptop if the main computer fails.

Take the Steps Today to Protect your Data

A data protection plan is critical if you make a living with your computer. Take a few minutes right now and develop your own plan.  If you have already lost data and are looking for an affordable, professional data recovery service– contact The Data Rescue Center.

It’s that important.