Data Recovery Facility

In June of 2010, The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft Engineering finalized the purchase of a building in Livermore, California, near the Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Work immediately began on the design and construction of the new recovery lab facility with a goal to be operational in less than a year.

In late January of 2011, both The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft Engineering moved all operations to this new facility. Boasting a Class 2 UL-Listed Vault as well as extensive security features, the new Data Rescue Center facility sets a new standard in the industry for customer data security, unmatched by any competitors.

The all-new ISO 5 / Class 100 Cleanroom exceeds all manufacturers specifications for cleanroom recovery environments. This new facility provides our recovery engineers with the top technology and innovation to recover computer data while offering best-in-class security features.

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Class 100 Cleanroom

  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s standards for warranty protection.
  • Fewer than 100 particles, that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers per cubic foot of air.
  • High efficiency ULPA filters.
  • Class 100 gowning ante chamber.

UL Listed Class 2 Vault

  • 2 ton full mechanism lock system.
  • 18" reinforced concrete.
  • 60 minute torch and tool attack rating exceeding all insurance standards.
  • Full ventilation system.
  • 14000PPI density.


  • World's first custom data recovery workstation.
  • Unique "aircraft carrier" layout.
  • Designed specifically for cleanroom recovery.
  • VERY high productivity.
  • VERY high protection and safety of customers' drives.

Extensive 24 Hour Security

  • 24 RGB infrared video surveillance cameras.
  • 24 Motion sensors.
  • Impact resistant laminated glass.
  • Magnetic card plus biometric reader access.
  • Extensive employee background checks.
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