Most businesses and many individuals have an emergency action plan in place for natural disasters. The action plan may include emergency exits and evacuation locations. The action plan may also include a trunk or toolbox that contains the tools needed in an emergency, such as flashlights, rope, radios and batteries. Additionally, emergency food rations may also be stored in a safe location.

Have a Data Recovery Plan in Place

However, many people do not have an emergency data recovery plan to facilitate data disaster recovery. A data disaster can strike with little or no warning and the consequences can be devastating. While most large companies are prepared and have a data recovery plan in place for a data disaster, many small businesses and home offices do not have a plan. Loss of data could devastate the business, possibly causing it to close its doors. It is important that these small-business owners develop a plan for disk file recovery.

Backup Your Data

For example, you should have an effective backup plan for your computer. Back up your data to an external hard drive regularly. You might want to back up your files to an online service as well. As an extra measure of protection, keep the telephone number for The Data Rescue Center by your computer. It’s 1-877-501-4949.

Professional Data Recovery Service

We are a hard disk data recovery service in Livermore, California. The Data Rescue Center should be an important part of your data disaster plan. Our ISO 100 cleanroom and qualified, expert recovery engineers ensure that your data will be recovered efficiently and affordably. Our engineers are trained on both standard platter-style drives and can perform SSD recovery as well.