Data Recovery Prices

What Determines the Data Recovery Prices?

Our pricing is based on the failure scenario of each drive as well as the amount of time the drive will be connected to our systems. The amount of time the technician will need to spend working on the drive may also impact this process. We have learned over the years through both our recovery lab, as well through our sister company, Prosoft Engineering, that no data recovery case is the same. While most of the physical failures and repairs may be similar, the data contained and the corruption that can affect the data varies greatly.

Why do we Need you to Send us Your Drive to Provide a Quote for the Recovery?

Diagnosing a hard drive is much like diagnosing what is wrong with the engine on one’s car. All the average person knows is the car is not working the way it should, and it is making a weird sound. When you bring your car to a mechanic, they will never be able to quote you the price at the door until they have had a chance to look at the car and inspect the engine. Troubleshooting a car problem is along the same lines as diagnosing a hard drive failure, all the end user knows is that the drive is not operating the way it should and in some cases there is a weird sound coming from the drive. Without having a technician look at the drive we wouldn’t be able to tell what is preventing the drive from working, we need to see the internal components.

Single Rotational Drive

$500 – $1,500 per drive

Rotational hard drive disks are commonly found in both laptop and desktop computers. Rotational drives store data on data platters that have a magnetic surface coating. Magnetic heads attached to an arm read and write data to the surface of these spinning disks. Typical physical failures include electronic failure on the disk controller, a problem with the read/write assembly, and failure of the spindle motor that rotates the platters.


$500 – $1,500 per drive

suffering from a failure, plus additional RAID reconstruction fee & additional drive fee

RAIDs, also known as redundant arrays of independent disks, are devices consisting of multiple hard drives that act as a single logical unit to provide increased performance and prevent the chance of data loss. RAIDs can be configured in some ways, and The Data Rescue Center has experience reconstructing and recovering data from failed arrays.

Solid State Drive

$500 – $4,000 per drive

Solid Stare Drives are an increasingly popular storage option as a result of their fast read/write access speeds. These devices commonly consist of multiple NAND chips and unlike rotational drives have no moving parts, eliminating the possibility of impact damage. As a NAND-based device failures include broken connectors, corruption to the chip controller, and shorted components.

Flash Drives, CF Cards, SD Cards

$500 – $2,000 per drive/card

NAND chips are a form of flash storage often found in portable USB devices. Unlike a rotational drive, data is erased and written to the chip electronically. Typical failures include broken connectors, shorted components, and corruption.

Fire & Water Damage

$1,000 – $3,000 per drive

The Data Rescue Center works with hard drives that have suffered from water or fire damage. This includes drives that have been submerged in water or spilled on, as well as any other water damage. Drives that have suffered fire damage from the overheating of computer components, actual fire disaster or other high-temperature situations can also be recovered. These recoveries can take longer due to the significant damage typically inflicted on the drive in fire and water situations.

*Expedited and Emergency pricing available.

Additional charges may apply for rare, older or unique drives or situations. Pricing subject to change at anytime.