Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue from Prosoft Engineering is the top rated data recovery software. Data Rescue is an easy-to-use recovery software that computer users of any skill level will be able to use to recover deleted files or lost data. With software solutions for both Mac and Windows computers in addition to our recovery lab services, we can help in every recovery scenario.

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When can Data Rescue Software be Used for Data Recovery?

Data Rescue can be used in any situation that does not involve a severe physical failure of the hard drive. These scenarios include:

Data Rescue for Mac or PC Software

Data Rescue is a data recovery software solution for Mac & PC. Recovering files is easy and can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Select a source drive to scan for files
  2. Select a scan type or choose to clone
  3. Once the scan is complete, select the files you want to recover to a destination hard drive

Data Rescue can be used to recover data from both external and internal hard drives. Scanning the internal drive is done using Prosoft Engineering’s unique BootWell feature. This technology makes un-mounting and scanning internal drives easy so that users can recover data from internal drives themselves.

Data Rescue ONE – All-in-One Hard Drive Recovery Solution

Data Rescue ONE is a hard drive recovery solution, that integrates software and hardware into ONE single product. It is powered by the award-winning Data Rescue recovery engine and integrated into a red aluminum, lightweight hard drive.

What if these solutions cannot recover the data?

Both Data Rescue Mac & PC have free versions available. Users can use the full capabilities of the scan engine as well as preview all scan results to ensure they can recover their data with the software before purchasing a license. If the data is not recoverable using the software because of a physical failure on the drive, The Data Rescue Center is the next option to recover the data. Users with a personal license for the Data Rescue software that are unable to recover files receive a credit to recovery services with The Data Rescue Center.

To download and try the software for free, please visit Prosoft Engineering, Inc.