Data Transfer / Data Migration

The Data Rescue Center offers data transfer or data migration services for storage devices that are in undamaged, working states. This process involves the transfer of data from one storage media to another, converting the format of the data if necessary. Situations in which data migration may be necessary include:

Data Migration Prices

*Prices exclude the cost of destination drive

Hard Drive to Hard Drive (PATA, SATA, SCSI) $200 per drive
Legacy Devices to Drive/DVD $100 per drive

Hard Drive to Hard Drive

After getting a new computer or laptop users usually want to access the data on their old computers hard drive, but are unsure how to connect the two devices. The Data Rescue Center is a data recovery service that deals with many different drives on a daily basis, and can also migrate data from old hard drives to new hard drives or other media such as DVDs.

Failed RAID Enclosure

If the enclosure unit of a RAID has failed, but the actual drives are intact, The Data Rescue Center can extract the data and transfer it to a large capacity hard drive.

Legacy Device Data Transfer and Conversion

With newer technology replacing older media types, The Data Rescue Center offers data transfer and conversion services from legacy devices to modern media such as drives or DVDs. This includes:

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