It’s easy to make mistakes when your hard drive has crashed. If it happens to be a RAID array and server recovery must be done, these mistakes can be extremely costly. In this series of posts, we’re going to look at some of the most common errors, and what you can do to avoid them.

Before beginning, I’d like to point out the most dangerous error that, unfortunately, the majority of computer users make: not having a backup. A huge number of users don’t have an adequate backup, a scenario that directly impacts the result of these seven mistakes.

Getting in a hurry – Because folks don’t have a backup plan, they get in a hurry when trying to fix the drive. Some people want to perform hard drive recovery themselves to save time and money. However, if they don’t stop to evaluate what they are going to do and the possible ramifications, the reverse could come true. Shut off your computer, take media cards out of cameras, phones and mp3 players, and think through the process before you do anything.

• Performing tasks beyond their capabilities – There are certain tasks that require a specialized environment. For example, opening a hard drive case requires a cleanroom environment to keep contaminants from damaging the internal components. The expense involved in installing and maintaining a cleanroom is beyond the normal computer user’s budget. These contaminant-free rooms are found in reputable data recovery service labs. Look for a lab that has an ISO 5/Class 100 rating, like the one here at The Data Rescue Center. Along with the proper equipment, a recovery engineer with specialized training is a must when opening a hard drive.