Well, this Saturday is supposed to be a major bummer if you listen to Harold…. But for those of us that don’t think it’s going to be the end of the word, it is at least a time for us to reflect.. Reflect on important things in our life and how we should cherish them more… Hug a family member, tell someone you love them and appreciate them in your life, and backup your computer..

That’s right, Backup The Computer!!! So many people lose computer files each and every day. Sure, you can pay us to recover your data for you but why not take a proactive approach and backup your computer today- Just one backup is better than none. However, to be really safe, you’ll want to start a backup “scheme” or backup schedule… Something that will backup your computer on a regular basis– Our sister company, Prosoft Engineering sells both Macintosh Backup Software as well as Windows Computer Backup Software. These backup programs automatically backup your important files once you’ve set the schedule. Important digital pictures and movies are priceless (you can’t redo a child’s first steps!). Take time out today to backup the important files on your computer.. If you don’t, and you end up needing hard drive recovery service, well, we’re here for you–