Easy Data Recovery

Easy Data Recovery

What makes The Data Rescue Center's data recovery process easy?

The Data Rescue Center provides an easy, step-by-step, stress-free recovery process and ensures your complete satisfaction. From inquiring about services to shipping you back your drives, our representatives provide quick and professional customer service. Our Recovery Process can be broken down into four steps.


When you first contact us we will do our best to determine whether or not your data/drive can be recovered as well as provide a pricing estimate based on the given information. We will also provide a prepaid shipping label and inform you of the correct way to ship drives. **You’d be surprised to find how many people will ship precision devices such as hard drives with little to no packaging that almost guarantees that the drive becomes further damaged.


Once the drive arrives at our location and is checked into our database, our technicians will perform a free evaluation on your drive/s to determine what the exact issue with your drive is and the exact price of the recovery. Once the evaluation is complete one of our customer service representatives will email you a diagnosis and quote for your drive. The diagnosis will contain all of the information the technicians discovered about your drive as well as a complete explanation of how they would proceed with the recovery. The quote will include a full price breakdown and will be the final price for the job should you choose to proceed with the recovery. In the event you are not interested in continuing with the recovery after receiving your diagnosis and quote you are only obligated to pay for return shipping of your drive.


After deciding to proceed with the recovery based on the information provided by the diagnosis and quote, payment information will be placed on file and our technicians will begin the recovery process. The recovery process typically takes 7-10 business days but can take longer/shorter depending on uncontrollable factors such as the need to source replacement parts or a very severely damaged drive that is slow to respond. We also offer expedited and emergency recovery services if your recovery needs are urgent and our standard time frame is not adequate for your needs.


Once the recovery is complete we will always verify the requested recovered data with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. We have a no-data-no-charge policy, meaning if we are unable to retrieve the data you specifically requested, there will be no charge for the recovery of your drive. If you wish to have your drive returned in the event of a failed recovery, you will only be obligated to pay for the return shipping of your drive.
Once your data has been verified, we will charge the card on file and ship the drive back to you.

Why is an easy process so important?

We understand that data loss can be a very scary and stressful experience. It is our goal to help guide you through this process in the hope that we can provide you peace of mind. Our excellent customer service, simple recovery process, and skilled and experienced recovery technicians all come together to provide a smooth and simple experience from beginning to end.

How is the Data Rescue Center able to provide such an easy process?

Having been in the data recovery business for over 30 years with experience in both software and hardware recoveries, we have a deep understanding of how a customer feels and what they experience when data loss occurs. With both our in-house software developers and highly experienced data recovery technicians, we can provide data recovery solutions for almost any scenario. Our sister company, Prosoft Engineering, provides and engineers recovery software that not only us, but many data recovery companies use. With our technicians and engineers working hand-in-hand we can developer better recovery tools.