Flash Drive Recovery

USB flash drive’s ease of use and ability to be quickly erased and rewritten has made them one of the most popular data storage devices. Flash drives do not use much power and also do not have any moving parts like a normal hard drive. While convenient, the ability to rewrite quickly increases the possibility of data loss, in which case you are in need of Flash Drive Recovery.

As with hard drives, stop using the flash drive immediately to avoid potentially overwriting the data. Data loss occurs when a file is accidentally deleted, or the flash drive is formatted. Also, improperly removing the drive without ejecting can cause corruption on the drive which will you leave unable to access any of your data. There are different signs you may experience in the time of data loss. If the flash drive is recognized by the computer, recovery with Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue software may be possible.

If data recovery software is not able to access the flash drive, The Data Rescue Center can still help. The Data Rescue Center is able to recover storage devices when software is unable to. If the flash drive has suffered an electronics or firmware failure, our recovery service can reconstruct the data from the NAND chips of the device. You can send your flash drive to The Data Rescue Center for the technicians to evaluate what is exactly going on with your flash drive.

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