Hard Drive Recovery Process

Free Consultation

- Contact The Data Rescue Center by phone (1-877-501-4949) or you can e-mail us your details.

- One of our representatives will work along side with you to determine what is the best plan of action, whether your situation can be resolved with software or if our recovery services are needed.

- The consultation is FREE and the valuable information you are given will help you understand to overall process.

Free Evaluation

- To send your drive into The Data Rescue Center you will need to fill out the Client Information Form and place the form in the box you plan on shipping your drive with.

- The first thing you will receive from us will be our receiving report, this will have pictures showing the status of how your drive arrived as well as document your drives model and serial number so you can ensure that the correct drive has been received under your name.

- Once your items have been documented your drive will be brought into our recovery lab for the technicians to begin the diagnosis and to analyze your drive.

- The diagnosis and quote will take 1 to 2 business days once you receive your receiving report and will be emailed to the address provided on the Client Information Form. This diagnosis will break down what is going wrong with the drive, as well as what we will need to do to get the drive back to a workable state where data can be recovered, there will also be a full price break down as well.

- When we send out your diagnosis you will receive a call from one of our representatives who will help you understand your quote and answer any and all questions you may have.


– In order to approve your diagnosis and quote we will need to have a card on file. The job won’t be billed until it is has been recovered and verified with you via email or phone. If after you approve the job, we find that the data is not accessible for whatever reason, we have a No Data, No Charge Policy. We will simply call the job unrecoverable on our end, and you will not need to pay for any of the recovery service (unless there is a nonrefundable deposit discussed at the beginning of the job). The only thing you will be obligated to pay for would be the return shipping of the drive.

– Our standard turn around time is between 7-10 business days, depending on the severity of the problem on your drive. However, at any time you can contact us or use the Job Status feature on our website to request, and see your updates.

– The way we operate is that we will repair your drive to a workable state so that we can access the data and transfer that data to a brand new hard drive which you can provide or purchase through us. Your data will be returned to you on a brand new external USB 3.0 hard drive, then we can either return to you’re your original drive or we can securely e-waste the drive on our end for free.

– The final step in our recovery process will be when we reach out to you to verify that all the data you were expecting to see is on the drive, and to double check on any files and folders you would like to ensure were recovered. Once we have been able to verify a successful recovery is when we will bill the credit card that we have on file and place your return media drive in the mail. We can also send back your original problem drive if you would like, or we can e-waste the drive on our end for no cost. The standard shipping from our facility will be 3-5 business days.

– The Data Rescue Center will keep a clone of your recovery on file for 30 days to make sure there are no issues in shipment or in reading the drive when it arrives. If you would like us to hold onto your cloned drive or longer or shorter just let us know.


– When you receive your drive from The Data Rescue Center you will want to use the supplied USB cable to attach the new hard drive to your computer. The new drive will be named “The Data Rescue Center” when you open this drive you will see a folder named “JobNumber_RecoveredFiles” inside this folder your data will be laid out in the same structure as your original drive. In most cases you will need to navigate to your “User” folder to find the data you are looking for.

– If you run into any issues with the drive that arrives please get in contact with our representatives and we will make sure to resolve your issue.


– When it comes to preventing data failure there is one important key factor to keep in mind, every drive will eventually fail the only question is when.

– The only way to protect yourself from a data loss is so keep valid backups of your system and to check the backups on a regular basis to make sure that they are working the way they should. It is also recommend to be running different types of backups, Such as cloud backups and backing up to an external drive.