Talking about how to avoid the need for data recovery seems contradictory to the mission of a data recovery company like the Data Rescue Center. However, we’re not really giving away any trade secrets, just disseminating a little bit of common sense.

There are two main factors that drive the need for data recovery services: data loss through either accidental actions like deleting files or formatting/partitioning drives, or failed hardware, i.e. failure of the drive itself. And the second factor is the lack of backups.

We don’t expect the first factor to change anytime soon. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes, and emptying the trash can that contained important files is easily done. Also, any hard disk will ultimately die, some sooner, some later, but drive failure is inevitable.

This leaves us with the second major factor: backups. If you have working backups, whatever the reason for your data loss, you can go to your backups and just restore those files you mistakenly deleted, or if the whole drive failed you just get a new one (which will probably cost you less and provide you with a lot more storage space) and write the backup onto said new drive.

Sure, it will cost you some time and effort, as well as potentially the price for a new drive, but nothing that compares to the peace of mind of having working backups and being able to access them when necessary.

Sadly, most people still don’t have a backup solution in place, despite the fact that with today’s choices and prices for storage, it really is a no-brainer. Remember, you don’t really care about the drive itself, only about the data on it. That’s why a failed drive that is still under warranty will be replaced by the manufacturer; the data on it, however, is not. The only way to get your data back at that point is data recovery, and it typically costs more than it would have cost to just get that external hard drive you always intended to get to begin with.

So if you haven’t yet set up backups of your irreplaceable photos, movies, music, and work documents, do it ASAP! One day you’ll be glad you did.