Hurricane Isaac made landfall twice this week and the storm is expected to move inland as far as Indiana and Illinois. Entergy New Orleans reported that more than 400,000 homes and business customers were without power early Wednesday morning.

Winds of up to 100 miles per hour are expected in the New Orleans area with the potential to damage homes and businesses, especially in high-rise buildings. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires have ravaged homes and businesses lately. Adverse weather conditions are pervasive risks. Computer users whose livelihood depends on file accessibility must take precautions to protect their data.

Many drives brought to us for hard drive recovery have experienced damage from weather conditions. Storms cause power surges in electrical systems, another potential cause of data loss. We’ve also performed flash drive recovery on media cards from cameras and phones that suffered flood damage.

I’d recommend that you take precautions, developing a plan to protect your computer files. There are many factors that affect hard drive recovery, but you can take steps to ensure a more successful recovery. For example, implementing a good backup routine is vital for both the small- and mid-sized business owner. Remember that backup location is just as important as frequency. I keep multiple backups in several locations, even online. I also keep my desktop computer and my laptop synchronized, storing identical files on both.

Finally, prepare for emergency recovery by contacting a data recovery service, like The Data Rescue Center, in advance. The more you know ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be.