As we all know, keeping a college dorm room clean is no easy task. Many things can happen at college that can affect a laptop, and its ability to store and access memory. So here are a few hints to help secure your data while away at school.

  • Laptops are not the heavy duty tanks we may think they are. So buy a case and keep your computer in it while moving from place to place.
  • Buy a secondary external hard drive that will store all of your data off of your computer in case the computer breaks down. This is a cost effective way to ensure the safety of your data and avoid emergency data recovery. But remember to backup your drive regularly.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer so it can remove all unwanted programs from the operating system.
  • Keep your computer plugged in. Always know how much battery you have before your computer dies.
  • Always use auto save features. This will ensure that your documents and other things are saved frequently to your computers hard drive.
  • Have a hard drive data recovery software (Data Rescue from Prosoft Engineering) installed on your computer at all times. This way if you do lose data due to logical damage, you will most likely be able to get that information back.
  • If your hard drive does fail, always know the information for a hard drive data recover service. The Data Rescue Center is equipped with the proper tools to evaluate and save the data on your drive, and they offer cost effective ways to get your data back.

It is important to think about things like this in any place you would live with a large amount of people. In college you will store many essays and projects on your computer, and it would be a shame to lose them if something happened to your computer.

However, rest assured that if your computer does fail and your information is not backed up, then the Data Rescue Center and their emergency data recovery services may be able to get the information from your computer back.