The loss of critical data can be a disaster for a business. Lost files on a home computer can wipe out years of memories that cannot be replaced. Therefore, the steps taken immediately after data loss are critical to the recovery of the data. Different symptoms, however, will require different approaches to the recovery of the lost information.

If the computer is running normally and the only noticeable problem is that certain files cannot be found, there has probably been an accidental deletion performed. In this case, the situation can possibly be rectified by using quality data recovery software. Data Rescue PC3, developed by Prosoft Engineering, Inc., is one such program and it can be found on The Data Rescue Center website.

Hard drive failure because of logical or physical damage to the hard drive will require a different approach to hard drive crash recovery. Simply running recovery software could actually render the data unrecoverable. If your computer does not recognize the drive on boot up, a logical failure is likely. Damage to electronic components can also act this way. If a grinding or clicking noise be heard during operation, the hard drive should be shut down before permanent damage is made to the internal storage media. Because the case of the drive will need to be opened in these situations, file recovery should be left to data recovery experts. The Data Rescue Center has the equipment necessary, and is staffed with qualified technicians that specialize in drive recovery and repair