ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom

What is an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom?

When working on failing drives, The Data Rescue Center will only open drives in an ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom. The Class 100 Cleanroom has an environment specifically engineered to remove air contaminants, preventing them from damaging the open hard drives. A facility must adhere to and maintain a strict set of standards concerning equipment, equipment maintenance, and the recovery engineers’ activities in the cleanroom to receive a Class 100 rating.

A cleanroom with a Class 100 rating refers to the United States Federal Standard 209E. The international equivalent is an ISO 5 rated environment, as determined in the ISO Standard 14644. The ISO standard has replaced the Federal Standard to provide consistency worldwide. The Data Rescue Center maintains their cleanroom to both standards and provides data recovery and drive repair on an international scale.

Special filtration equipment prevents air particulate contamination in the ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom atmosphere. The use of ultra-low penetration air filters (ULPA) maintains cleanroom air cleanliness. Air constantly circulates through our ULPA filters to decontaminate the environment. The Data Rescue Center’s cleanroom contains fewer than 100 particles per one cubic foot of air that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers. Routine replacement of spent filters assures the cleanroom air filtration equipment’s utmost efficiency.

The filters are configured for 100% coverage of the cleanroom. In other words, the entire ceiling is a huge filter that is controlled by a computerized management system. The monitoring and control system for the filtration units is built for both on-site and remote control and is adjusted from a computer terminal station.

Likewise, the entire bottom panel section of each cleanroom wall panel is a custom-made, adjustable air return vent. This configuration gives us 100% coverage on air return and affords an unmatched air quality level, even for systems that have been installed in the past few years. We can fine-tune our air quality with a precision that is unequaled by most other cleanroom environments. A 100% glass and stainless steel air chase ensure that absolutely no contaminants enter the room to damage your equipment.

A Class 100 gowning antechamber prevents the accidental introduction of contaminants into the room by engineers entering the cleanroom. The gowning room is built with a cascade pressure design with filtered, dedicated environmental controls. This allows us to control carefully all of the environmental conditions in each of the three stages.

The stages are gowning, material induction and the clean operation area. Furthermore, a powder-coated honeycomb aluminum construction in the gowning room and material induction room and all-glass walls in the cleanroom operations room keep contaminants out of the area. Even the lighting in the cleanroom has been specially designed so as not to interfere with air flow and further contributes to the cleanest possible work environment.

When working in the ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom, the engineers put on protective outerwear that not only prevents particulate contamination but static electricity as well. Static electricity could damage the electronic components of a hard drive. Therefore, the air filtration, the work clothes, and humidity-controlled environment work together to prevent further damage to drives.

An all stainless steel workbench layout does not shed contaminants, nor does it outgas contaminants into the air. The electrostatically grounded floor and air ionizers at each workstation ensure that there is no possibility of electrostatic discharges damaging the delicate drive components.

Not only do we care about the recovery of your data and the repair of your drive, but we also protect the status of your warranty. Because our facility and training meet or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards, if your hard drive is still under warranty, the warranty is not voided by our recovery and repair operations.

Furthermore, when your drive is not being serviced, it remains protected in our UL Class 2 security vault for safe keeping. Additionally, all of our equipment, state-of-the-art technologies and procedures allow us to spec out class 100 (ISO 5) and class 10 (ISO 4) operations. Your data couldn’t be in better hands than at The Data Rescue Center Cleanroom facility.

Why is an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom Such an Important Component for Data Recovery?

Was there not a simpler, less expensive route we could have followed? Why have we gone to all of this expense in purchasing and installing this high-tech cleanroom equipment? Is all of this necessary? The short answer to the first and last questions is a qualified “yes.” It is true, there is always a cheaper way to do just about anything. Some data recovery services have chosen the less expensive options.

However, in our way of thinking, if you are going to do something, do it right. Therefore, yes, it is necessary. We believe that our clients deserve the best possible care to ensure the best possible results. You just cannot do that by taking the low road. If you have trusted us to recover deleted files from your equipment successfully, then you deserve top quality work, equipment, and treatment. The Data Rescue Center and our parent company, Prosoft Engineering, did not get where we are today nor have earned the industry respect that we have by taking shortcuts. That is the answer as to why we have gone to this expense.