Laptop Recovery

The two main scenarios for data recovery are the same for drives inside of laptops as they are for drives inside of desktop computers. However, laptop drives typically experience more abuse over their desktop counterpart resulting in Laptop Recovery.

If your data has been deleted from your laptop’s drive or you have reformatted the drive, this may be a case for Prosoft Engineering’s data recovery software, Data Rescue. Using the software, you will need a second healthy drive to recover to. Recovering data to the same drive will result in Data loss. You want to make sure you are taking all necessary precautions to prevent any more data loss.

If data recovery software is not a suitable solution for your needs, you will need to have the drive evaluated for any physical failures. Physical failures are one of the top issues laptops experience since they are portable. The slightest drop or nudge can result in a failing drive. The Data Rescue Center has all the needed tools and procedures to perform laptop recoveries. The expert technicians we have on staff are able to diagnose the drive inside of your laptop and get you the answers you need in order to have a successful data recovery.

Since laptop hard drives carry more and more data these days, you can lose a lot of your digital identity if your laptop hard drive fails. So in case of a data loss emergency, STOP USING THE LAPTOP.

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