NAS Data Recovery

If you have a NAS drive that has crashed or is not accessible any longer, The Data Rescue Center has all the tools and personnel available to perform a NAS Data Recovery, extracting the data to a new functioning drive. Whether you have a NAS server or just a single drive we have all the equipment required to recover from any NAS device.

Many NAS devices are built using proprietary hardware and software, over our years in the field we have learned how to work with every NAS device on the market. The Data Rescue Center, with our state of the art cleanroom facility has the authorization to open and work on all NAS devices without voiding the warranty on the NAS unit as well as the drives inside the unit.

When suffering from a drive failure in your NAS you do not want to run any utilities to try and reinitialize the RAID as this could potentially overwrite the data that you are trying to recover. The best practice when a drive fails is not to alter any data on the NAS, and if your NAS can be set into the read-only mode, we highly recommend enabling this, so any damage on the NAS does not increase. There are some different types of failures that can cause a NAS to fail and for this reason, it is very important that you send your valuable data to a company that can perform the recovery in a safe and secure manner.

Give us a call today at TOLL FREE 1-877-501-4949 or Submit a Case and our Customer Service Representatives will work with you and get you well on the way to having your precious data back.