A Leading-Edge Design

The NucleusOne® is a joint venture between The Data Rescue Center and DARWINmachine.

DARWINmachine is a leading-edge designer of custom computer chassis. The NucleusOne® design was a collaborative effort between the recovery engineers at The Data Rescue Center and the lead designer at DARWINmachine.

Its unique "aircraft carrier" layout enhances its performance and efficiency, while distinguishing itself as the world’s first custom data recovery workstation.

The core design elements of the NucleusOne® are...

Productivity, Safety and Expansion.


Utilizing a custom chassis designed specifically for cleanroom recovery gives our recovery engineers a distinct advantage over typical beige box stations. This increase in productivity keeps our overall efficiency high.


Protection and safety of customers’ drives is priority number one at The Data Rescue Center. From best-in-class security systems and unique fire suppression controls to our Class 2 Vault, The Data Rescue Center has invested to keep your hard drive safe and secure while in our facility. The NucleusOne® contributes additional safety features that further improve our ability to provide the safest environment for your computer hard drive.


The NucleusOne® is built to embrace expansion as tools change and improvements are made in the hard drive recovery field.