Heat harms electronic components. One of the biggest causes of heat is dust. You should clean out the dust from your computer every couple of months. How often you do this depends on how much you use it and what the surrounding environment is like. Dusty environments, such as industrial settings, will require more cleaning. Heat can damage a hard drive and you may need a hard disk file recovery service to get your files back.

Internal Cleaning Desktop computers are relatively easy. You will need to remove one side of the case, so you might need a screwdriver or nut driver for that task. You should also have a grounding strap and some compressed air designed for cleaning electronics. Power down the computer completely. Disconnect all of the peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard and monitor. Move the computer to a location where you will have room to work and remove the cover panel.

Attach the grounding strap around your wrist and attach the clip to a metal component, such as the frame or power supply. This keeps static electricity in your body from harming the electronics. Using the canned air, gently brush away the dust from all components in short bursts. When finished, make sure all components and cables are secure, and then replace the side panel.

We’ve performed Windows and Mac data recovery on many disks that were damaged from overheating. Maintaining your computer’s hard drive and keeping the internal components clean may save you a trip to the data recovery lab.