In this post, I’ll try to answer some more questions about RAID data recovery. Our lab offers the latest, most advanced equipment for hard drive recovery on RAID arrays as well as many other recovery tasks such as flash drive recovery.

  • Can my company's IT staff handle RAID recovery?
    • That's a tricky question to answer. It depends on several factors: the amount of training in data recovery the staff has and the recovery equipment that is available to them. When physical drive failure is the problem, a cleanroom environment must be used. That's a luxury that most businesses don't have or can't afford.
    • What makes physical harddrive recovery so difficult, especially on a RAID server?
      • Physical failures can the result of electrical failures and other physical trauma to the drive. In these instances, the drive case must be opened to repair the damage. Air-borne contaminants, like dust, can enter the drive case and further damage the delicate components. A cleanroom environment is needed to remove the contaminants in the atmosphere. All of the drives in a RAID array may need to be opened when recovering data. Irreparable damage to one drive or more drives could render the entire array unrecoverable.
      • It sounds like RAID array are not worth the potential hassle. Are they necessary?
        • That's a good question. Yes, RAID arrays are more complex and can be harder to recover. However, in a business setting they are often the most reliable way to handle the massive quantities of data used. Several RAID configurations will allow the business to continue operations when failure occurs until it is possible to shut down the system for repairs.