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What makes The Data Rescue Center a trusted data recovery service?

With over 30 years of data recovery experience, our data recovery engineers and software developers have the know-how to recover from all types of data loss scenarios and work with all kinds of storage devices.

Why choose The Data Rescue Center for your data recovery services?

We offer recovery solutions for all data loss situations. Whether you are recovering deleted files using our highly rated Data Rescue software or performing full physical recoveries on severely damaged drives, either from regular use or special cases such as fire damaged drives, The Data Rescue Center can help you recover your data.

How does The Data Rescue Center provide such trusted data recovery services?

The Data Rescue Center uses only the most advanced and professional recovery software, tools, and techniques when recovering your data. Using both the knowledge of our experienced recovery engineers and our software developers we are also able to customize our specialized recovery tools that we use in-house. These custom recovery tools allow us to provide you not only the best recovery services and software for the Mac platform but also provide one of the simplest, safest, and easiest recovery processes in the business.

Learn About Our Data Recovery Services

Services - Recovery Solutions

(Included but not limited to)


Hard Disk Drive – Bare drives

External Drive – Enclosed drives

SSD/Fusion/Hybrid – SSD of any NAND drives


RAID – Standard RAIDs

Server – Server Racks

NAS – Network Attached Storage

Removable Media

Flash Drives – USB flash drives

SD Cards – Camera cards

CF Cards – Camera cards

Personal Computers

Apple – Macs

Windows – PCs





Fire & Water Damage - Special Cases

Data Migration - Data Transfers

Hard Drive Recycle - Recycling Drives

Deleted Files - Data Rescue Software

Mobile - Phones, Tablets, Etc.