Comprehensive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Solution

What makes The Data Rescue Center a comprehensive hard drive recovery solution?

The Data Rescue Center is a fully comprehensive hard drive recovery solution because the combination of our software, hardware, and lab solutions allows us to work with any recovery scenario.

Why is this different from other hard drive recovery service providers?

The Data Rescue Center is the only known hard drive recovery solution that also has its full software engineering division. Unlike competitors that may purchase software from other companies, our software is developed and written in-house. Having our own software engineering team allows us to create custom tools for unique situations where commercial software fails. As a result, The Data Rescue Center has a distinct advantage in our recovery lab service division, and writing custom modules also contributes to the improvement of our end-user software solutions.

How does this comprehensive service benefit the customer?

The Data Rescue Center can assist in every recovery scenario with our unique combination of software, hardware, and lab solutions. Prosoft Engineering, the software engineering division of the company, provides software and hardware solutions so that end-users can perform recoveries independently.

Data Rescue 4 is fully-featured data recovery software that allows end-users to perform their recovery independently. The software can be used to easily recover data from external hard drives, as well as internal boot drives by running the software from an external BootWell device. The BootWell feature makes un-mounting and scanning internal drives as easy as possible so that users can recover data themselves. Even if the hard-drive has a minor physical issue, Data Rescue 4 allows users to clone the problem drive to a functional hard drive so that the data can be safely recovered without causing further damage. Our technicians in the recovery lab often use the cloning process, but if the damage to the drive is not severe users can perform their clone recovery.

For an even simpler solution to internal drive recovery, our users can recover with Data Rescue ONE, a unique product that combines both hardware and our software into a single device. This external tool allows users to perform a recovery using just one click. Since Data Rescue ONE is an external drive, data can be recovered directly to it, eliminating the need for another destination drive to recover files.

These software and hardware products are created by our software engineering division, and allow our end-users to perform every aspect of data recovery on their own so long as their hard drive does not have a severe physical failure. If these end-user tools are not sufficient, our recovery lab is the final step of our comprehensive service.

The Data Rescue Center’s recovery labs specialize in recovering data from a wide range of data storage devices including rotational and solid state hard drives, USB flash devices and RAID units. If the device has experienced some electronic or physical failure that prevents our software from recovering data, the recovery lab is the last possible solution. Our technicians will diagnose the exact failure scenario for the device, and focus on repairing the device to a workable state that allows them to clone or extract the data to a functional drive. The recovered data is returned on a new storage device so that it can be safely accessed.

With this full range of software to lab solutions offered to meet any recovery need, The Data Rescue Center is the most comprehensive hard drive recovery solution available.