SD Card Recovery

SD cards are one of the most popular compact memory card formats. They are found in a variety of electronics including phones, cameras and even portable gaming devices to provide extra storage space. The most common SD cards are the standard and micro SD sizes, but mini SD sized cards also exist. These cards are typically used to store music, videos, photos, etc. The Data Rescue Center can recover data from all SD card sizes for SD Card Recovery.

As with any storage device, stop using the SD card immediately to avoid potentially overwriting data that needs recovering. Data on SD cards can be lost due to accidental deletion of the content on the card or by reformatting the card itself. Improperly ejecting the SD card from a computer slot while the computer or device is trying to read it or remove it can lead to corruption issues. In these cases, Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue will be able to assist in your data recovery.

If the SD card is experiencing data loss due to an issue beyond the ability of software recovery with Data Rescue, it is more than likely a firmware or an electronic failure of the device. Another issue you may experience is physical damage, which could occur by forcing the card out of its device or having the plastic casing of the card damaged. The technicians are able to diagnose the root of the issue to help recover your valuable data. The Data Rescue Center can access and recover this data using specialized readers to extract data from the SD cards internal components.

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