Special Data Recovery Stories

Here at The Data Rescue Center we work tremendously hard to assist in seemingly impossible data recovery missions. These are just a few of our amazingly successful and special data recovery stories..

Revenge Data Recovery


After repeated warnings, an unhappy employee knew his time with the company was nearing the end. Disgruntled, he formulated a plot to take revenge. Deleting all the files on his computer, one by one, until all were in the computer’s trash bin, he prepared for his inevitable termination. Just before being let go, he emptied the trash, sending all the files into oblivion…

or so he thought...

Using The Data Rescue Center’s award-winning recovery software, the company recovered all of the deleted files and business continued uninterrupted.

Wedding Picture Recovery


Digital photography allows camera buffs to take hundreds of photos at an important event. He or she can then sort through the files and choose the best and most candid shots. Wedding photographers just love this ability. However, one professional photographer experienced what could have been his worst nightmare. Snapping away at a recent wedding, the man filled up his media card in the middle of the ceremony. Quickly switching to an empty card, he continued shooting the event. In fact, he filled up three flash media cards with wedding photos.

When he tried to download the digital photos to his computer, he got an error message telling him the cards needed to be formatted and there was no data to be found. Fortunately, our picture recovery software retrieved the data from the corrupted cards and the new couple had a record of their special event. Flash media recovery software saved the day.

Bill Nye: The Science Guy


Bill Nye, the Science Guy was recording a radio broadcast session for The Planetary Society. The event, held at the National Air and Space Museum, in Washington, D.C., was going well until someone tripped over an electrical cord that powered the recording equipment. The recording was damaged beyond repair according to experts that included the equipment manufacturer. The deadline for the recording was nearing and it looked like all was lost.

Fortunately, The Data Rescue Center’s recovery engineers teamed up with Prosoft Engineering’s software development group to provide an effective, customized solution. The data was recovered well before deadline arrived. You can read the full story here.

Hockey Data Recovery


It probably doesn’t occur to most sports fans, but a lot of the business of professional sports depends on computer technology. Team photos, player stats, training videos and recruiting interviews are contained on hard drives. Equipment inventory and purchase records, payroll records and other operating expenses are recorded digitally. While a crashed computer won’t affect the team members’ ability to play, it can make running the franchise difficult..

This recently happened with a California-based professional hockey team. The equipment manager accidentally lost all of the team’s data. The Data Rescue Center’s team “took to the ice” and salvaged the missing files.

Coffee Spilt on Keyboard Recovery


A law student was up late, studying for her finals that were only a week away. Like most university students, she relied on copious amounts of hot coffee to keep her awake for her marathon study sessions, keeping her from crashing during her studies.

This night, however, tragedy struck. In the middle of her studies, she accidentally spilled her cup of brew, sending it all over and into her laptop. This time she didn’t crash; it was her hard drive. All of her course study materials were lost, mere days before the exams. The Data Rescue Center charged to the rescue and recovered her hard drive in less than five hours.

Bubble Trouble


Kids love to play and one of their favorite pastimes is blowing soap bubbles. For some reason, those shiny, floating orbs excite them to no end and they often lose track of where they are. This was the case with one youngster in particular. In the midst of his bubble-blowing fun, the child tripped and spilled the soap-filled bottle onto his mother’s Mac Book Pro.

However, The Data Rescue Center was able to clean up the mess caused to the data, and both mother and child are, dare I say it, bubbling with excitement.

Veteran Data Recovery


A local soldier was deployed to Iraq. Along with his equipment, he carried his laptop with him to connect with the folks back home. Upon completion of his tour of duty, both he and his laptop returned home to California. While he got home safely, his laptop’s hard drive was unresponsive upon arrival. The failure was somehow caused during the transport.

The Data Rescue Center performed hard drive recovery and the soldier was once again able to share his experiences with family and friends.

Tornado Alley


In 2011, a series of major storms and tornados ravaged the heartland of the United States. High winds and flooding wreaked havoc, causing major physical damage and power outages. One plucky Midwest company made it through the tornado season, only to find that their computer system had been water-damaged by the intense flooding.

The accounting department had lost all of their payroll records. We were able to recover the lost data and help keep the business afloat.



Keeping backups of your important files is critical, especially if you run a business. Not only that, but it’s a good idea to make sure your backup routine runs properly, testing it occasionally. A local design company found this out the hard way. One day, recently, they were not able to access the data on their RAID servers.

Turning to their backup drive, they found that the backups for the last 16 months were not there; the routine had not run properly for that long. Customer orders needed to be filled, but they were at a standstill without access to any of their data files. We were able to recover the RAID array, saving this design company from being erased.

Hurricane Recovery


Years ago, folks kept most of their keepsakes and records in shoeboxes and filing cabinets. Almost all of our personal lives are stored on desktop computers and laptops these days. Thousands of digital photos, music collections and financial documents are housed on the hard drives of these machines. Such was the case with a couple living by the eastern seaboard.

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy cause unprecedented, massive destruction all along the east coast and further inland. This couple’s computer contained all of their family photos, home videos, music files and financial records. Overnight, their digital world was wiped out by the flood waters of Sandy. Heartbroken and desperate to reclaim their files, they turned to The Data Rescue Center for help. We were able to help them and other victims of this terrible natural disaster.