SSD Recovery

The Data Rescue Center offers leading data recovery services on solid-state drives aka SSDs including Fusion and Hybrid drives. A relatively new form of hard drive technology, SSDs are more reliable and more robust than conventional rotational disk based hard drives, simply due to the lack of moving parts within the SSD. Solid State Drives are similar to flash thumb drives and media cards, which also use solid-state technology. However, an SSD, as well as a Fusion or Hybrid drive, is more complex, using an advanced controller to operate the drive. These drives are offered as an option in many high-end laptops because of their hardiness and reliability.

The solid-state drive is touted as being tougher than standard hard drives because there are no platters or other moving parts; it is not as susceptible to damage from bumps, jarring, and drops. Even though some experts say that it could survive a drop from a two-story building, we would not advise it. SSD drives are still a mechanical/electronic device, and drive failure can still occur, both logically and physically.

Fusion Drives, as well as Hybrid drives, are a combination of an SSD and a standard rotational hard drive. Primarily these drives are setup to have the more critical system files on the SSD while using the standard rotational drive as storage space for user files. These drives create a RAID between the two parts of the drive, and will appear as a single drive within your system. With these drives being in a RAID they have the chance to develop the same issues that would occur in a RAID, such as firmware corruption or the RAID being broken.

The recovery process for an SSD is different from that of a platter drive. The process can be more complex and involved. You’ve trusted The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, California, with your critical data recovery needs on standard drives. Now you can rest assured that we will bring the same quality work, expertise, and customer care to your SSD recovery as well.

SSD, Fusion and Hybrid Drive Recovery Specialists

As robust as the solid-state drive is, it is still vulnerable to logical failure. Logical failure is the result of system corruption from virus and malware attacks. Human error is also responsible for logical failure through accidental deletion. Some users will not research the many virus hoaxes floating around on the Internet and distributed through email. Often, critical system files are deleted because of these hoaxes, and many machines become inoperable because they can no longer boot.

Physical failure in SSDs is often the result of electrical and electronic malfunctions and anomalies in power systems, such as voltage spikes and power outages. Electrical shorts in the drive controller will also cause it to malfunction. Repairing these drives can be complicated, and extensive training in electrical and electronic repair is required. A missed electrical connection or improperly wired or installed component can cause further damage to the drive.

SSD, Fusion and Hybrid Drive System Corruption

In many cases, normal off-the-shelf data recovery will not be able to perform data retrieval on these advanced drives. Deep scans with an advanced software program are necessary. A recovery engineer using the software must also be able to interpret the somewhat cryptic results, a skill acquired through advanced training. Fortunately, The Data Rescue Center’s commitment to our valued clients means that we go the extra mile and make sure that our recovery engineers have the training and the tools to recover these advanced drives.

SSD, Fusion and Hybrid Drive Advanced Data Recovery

The Data Rescue Center, along with our parent company, Prosoft Engineering, is committed to bringing you the best service available, no matter what data media you have. Prosoft, one of the leading data recovery experts and software developers in the world, helps provide the knowledge and resources to get the job done.

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